Micro blog : help
Hosted replies  00h00 27 janvier
By default, Micro.blog stores the replies you post separately from your regular blog posts. If you’d like to include your replies on your own blog, start with this introduction on Manton’s blog.
Micro Monday  00h00 17 décembre
The idea was inspired by Follow Friday, the Twitter convention, but we wanted to distinguish ourselves from Twitter, and Monday was a day that started with an M. ð
Finding people to follow  00h00 17 décembre
The Micro.blog platform was designed, from the beginning, to prevent abuse and harassment. Your microblog is your own, where you are free to write about whatever you want, but we protect the timeline, where you can -reply others, through a variety of tools and curation.
Using the Discover timeline and categories  00h00 17 décembre
Micro.blog is a blogging platform with a social engagement component. We have a timeline where you can follow and interact with other bloggers. Sometimes it feels like Twitter, because of the timeline, mentions, and conversations. But there are key differences, built into Micro.blog, to make it a...
Following users  00h00 04 novembre
The timeline on Micro.blog is made up of posts from people you are following. When someone you’re following posts to their microblog, that post will show up in the timeline for you to see and reply to.
Domain registration  00h00 31 octobre
The best way to control your content on the web is to have your own domain name. You can bring an existing domain name to Micro.blog and use it with your blog, or you can register a domain name directly on Micro.blog. We’ll handle everything for you, with the name servers managed by Name.com.
Location API data  00h00 29 octobre
When using the JSON version of the Micropub API, Micro.blog can store location data with a blog post, including venue name, URL, latitude, and longitude.
Medium.com import  00h00 09 octobre
Medium.com no longer allows personal domain names, so if you have older content on Medium you should consider importing it into your blog on Micro.blog where you can use your own domain name and have more control over your content.
Comments with Disqus  00h00 07 octobre
We are working on a feature to allow showing a Micro.blog conversation directly on your own blog for anyone to see when browsing your site instead of needing to visit Micro.blog. Until that is ready, some microbloggers may want to use a third-party commenting system like Disqus to allow comments on...
Photo pages  00h00 03 octobre
If you’ve uploaded photos and included them in blog posts, Micro.blog will create a page at photos on your hosted blog automatically. You can rename or delete this page under Posts â ’ Pages on the web.