How We Fixed the Dreaded 0xdead10cc Crash  21h40 13 février
NetNewsWire for iOS, currently in TestFlight beta, was getting a lot of crashes related to background refreshing. They would happen when the user wasn’t actually using NetNewsWire it happened when the app would download feeds and sync in the background. The crash logs were not identical, but...
Knock It the Fuck Off  21h35 09 février
Every day on Twitter I see smart people who I respect dumping on one or another of the Democratic candidates. Sanders for being cozy with left-wing dictators; Warren for being insufficiently socialist; Klobuchar for having prosecuted drug crimes; Buttigieg for taking money from rich people and for...
NetNewsWire Sitrep  20h10 08 février
Alex tales on Twitter, blogger at 418 Teapot ran Sitrep on NetNewsWire, on the branch we’re currently working on (iOS-candidate). Here’s what Sitrep reports: SITREP ------ Overview Files scanned: 424 Structs: 145 Classes: 283 Enums: 33 Protocols: 69 Extensions: 300 Sizes ...
More Bug Math  06h17 29 janvier
When an app is under 100 bugs, you can start getting an idea for when it will be done. The idea will be wrong, of course, but it’s still an idea. Numbers I started keep tracking of the number of open bugs on Jan. 9, when we had 41 open bugs. Now, 19 days later, we’re down to 12 open bugs. That...
Bug Math  04h44 28 janvier
The NetNewsWire team continues its amazing run we just released build 31. When we released build 30 two days ago, we were down to seven bugs. In the last two days, the team fixed nine bugs. How many bugs are left? Could it be -2? Nope: it’s 12. 7 - 9 12. That’s app-writin’ for ya.
Crash Math  21h25 26 janvier
We’d like to ship NetNewsWire 5.0 for iOS in the first quarter of this year. The app is really close, but there are a few bugs to fix, including some crashes. We’re sticklers about crashes: while there’s no way to guarantee the app will never crash because there are bugs in other parts of the...
Fair Isle Brewery Opens Today  23h13 23 janvier
The Fair Isle Brewing company’s tasting room opens today (One of the partners is a friend: the one in the photo with the big gray beard.) I had a preview a couple weeks ago. The beers are really, really good. ð ð The beers were... ...created with ingredients farmed and foraged in the...
Jeff McLeman  18h34 23 janvier
It is my sad duty to report that Jeff McLeman whose work you’ve used, even if you don’t know it suffered injuries from a very bad fall, and soon after passed away as a result of those injuries. Jeff was a long-time Seattle Xcoder, before recently moving away, and he was a beloved friend to me...
Uniform Type Identifier Bug on iOS and How It Affects NetNewsWire  01h15 21 janvier
In NetNewsWire you can import your subscriptions from an OPML file. This is the standard way RSS readers work: you can export your subscriptions as an OPML file, and then import them into a different RSS reader. This way you can move from reader to reader without having to redo your subscriptions...
On Replacing OperationQueue  20h37 20 janvier
We fixed our mystery KVO crash by writing a replacement for OperationQueue. Well, sort of a replacement. It’s not a drop-in replacement, because what we really wanted was slightly different from OperationQueue. OperationQueue does a few things: Manages a queue of operations Runs operations...
Immutable Swift Structs  02h17 20 janvier
The hottest team in iOS development keeps on rockin’ We just released a new TestFlight build of NetNewsWire 5.0 for iOS. ð ð ð
NetNewsWire for Mac Mystery Scrollwheel Crash  04h52 17 janvier
As you read this, consider that I might be a squirrel and not, as I like to pretend, a rational programmer. My Two Brains My Objective-C brain which will never leave me, even though I’ve been writing in Swift for years now always told me to create immutable objects as often as possible. ...
Estimating NetNewsWire for iOS Demand  05h40 10 janvier
The NetNewsWire team continues to rock there’s a new TestFlight build up. Note the change notes they represent just three days of work. We’ve got the best team. ð
The New Ranchero Software  20h19 06 janvier
For NetNewsWire for Mac, I get one or two crash logs a week referencing scrollView:​scrollWheelWithEvent:. Here’s the bug for it. Chris Campbell, in a comment, writes: FYI, I see this crash reported very frequently in the commercial Mac app I work on at my Day Job. Unfortunately, we’ve...
My New Year’s Resolution Is to Focus My Anger  05h06 04 janvier
As we get closer and closer to shipping NetNewsWire for iOS, I’m starting to realize that the iOS version could be quite a bit more popular than the Mac app. Here are a few numbers: NetNewsWire 5.0 for Mac was downloaded 24,789 times. The NetNewsWire for Mac beta builds are downloaded...