Planet Lisp
1 Berlin Lispers - Talk Announcement - Thursday, 24th October 2019  15h10 21 octobre
Georg Kinnemann will give a talk about LISP and AI with the title "Die Entwicklung eines Spezial-Computers für Künstliche Intelligenz in der DDR" at Deutsche Technikmuseum Berlin.5.30pm, 24th OctoberDeutsches Technikmuseum, Trebbiner Straße 9, Vortragssaal, 4. OG[1] https...
Quicklisp news: October 2019 Quicklisp dist update now available  13h14 14 octobre
New projects:3bz - deflate decompressor - MITbp - Bitcoin Protocol components in Common Lisp - MITcardiogram - Simple test framework - MITcesdi - Provides a compute-effective-slot-definition-initargs generic function that allows for more ergonomic initialization of effective...
Didier Verna: TFM 1.0 Artificial Uncial is released.  00h00 09 octobre
I’m happy to announce the first stable version of TFM, a TeX Font Metrics parser for Common Lisp. TFM is the standard font description format used by TeX. The TFM library parses and decodes TFM files into an abstract data structure, providing easy access to the corresponding font information. Get...
4 Lisp-Meetup in Hamburg on Monday, 7th October 2019  00h00 07 octobre
We meet at Ristorante Opera, Dammtorstraße 7, Hamburg, starting around 19:00 CEST on 7th October 2019.This is an informal gathering of Lispers of all experience levels.
Paul Khuong: A Couple of (Probabilistic) Worst-case Bounds for Robin Hood Linear Probing  19h44 29 septembre
I like to think of Robin Hood hash tables with linear probing as arrays sorted on uniformly distributed keys, with gaps. That makes it clearer that we can use these tables to implement algorithms based on merging sorted streams in bulk, as well as ones that rely on fast point lookups. A key...
Vsevolod Dyomkin: Programming Algorithms: Trees  08h51 28 septembre
Couldn’t resist adding this xkcd Balancing a binary tree is the infamous interview problem that has all that folklore and debate associated with it. To tell you the truth, like the other 99% of programmers, I never had to perform this task for some work-related project. And not even due to the...
7 Berlin Lispers Meetup, Monday, 30th September 2019  09h30 27 septembre
We meet again on Monday 8pm, 30th September. Our host this time is James Anderson ( Lispers is about all flavors of Lisp including Common Lisp, Clojure and Scheme.Max-Gerd Retzlaff will talk about his art installation "Other Dimension" [1] as part of the...
Vsevolod Dyomkin: Programming Algorithms: Hash-Tables  19h25 11 septembre
Now, we can move on to studying advanced data structures which are built on top of the basic ones such as arrays and lists, but may exhibit distinct properties, have different use cases, and special algorithms. Many of them will combine the basic data structures to obtain new properties not...
Nicolas Hafner: Library Policy Update - Confession 88  10h19 05 septembre
Recently there’s been a few changes to the libraries I maintain, as well as to the new libraries I publish. I thought that these changes would be of general interest, even if you might not use my libraries at all. License Switch from Artistic 2 to Zlib Previously all of my libraries were...
10 Lisp-Meetup in Hamburg on Monday, 2nd September 2019  00h00 31 août
We meet at Ristorante Opera, Dammtorstraße 7, Hamburg, starting around 19:00 CEST on 2nd September 2019.This is an informal gathering of Lispers of all experience levels.