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3 Step Migration of MySQL data to Clickhouse for faster analytics.  17h50 21 février
Recently one of our client approach Mydbops with Query slowness on a MySQL environment . They deployed the new code for generate the huge reports for the year end analytics data . After the deployment the queries were extremely slow and they struggled lot , then they approached us for the solution....
Galera Replication flow Architecture  16h44 21 février
Sri Sakthivel Durai Pandian
Galera is the best solution for High Availability, It is being used by many peoples world wide . Galera is doing synchronous replication ( really it is Certification based replication ) to keep update the data on group nodes . In this blog I have explained about How the Galera replication works? ...
Requirements on NDB Cluster 8.0  15h38 21 février
Mikael Ronström
In this blog I am going to go through the most important requirements thatNDB Cluster 8.0 is based on. I am going to also list a number of consequencesthese requirements have on the product and what it supports.One I uploaded a presentation of the NDB Cluster 8.0requirements. In this...
Original NDB Cluster Requirements  15h37 21 février
Mikael Ronström
NDB Cluster was originally developed for Network DataBases in the telecomnetwork. I worked in a EU project between 1991 and 1995 that focused ondeveloping a pre-standardisation effort on UMTS that later became standardisedunder the term 3G. I worked in a part of the project where we focused...
Influences leading to NDB Cluster using a Shared Nothing Model  15h35 21 février
Mikael Ronström
The requirements on Class 5 availability and immediate failover had two importantconsequences for NDB Cluster. The first is that we wanted a fail-fast architecture.Thus as soon as we have any kind of inconsistency in our internal data structures weimmediately fail and rely on the failover and...
Influences leading to Asynchronous Programming Model in NDB Cluster  15h34 21 février
Mikael Ronström
A number of developments was especially important in influencing the developmentof NDB Cluster. I was working at Ericsson, so when I didn’t work on DBMS researchI was deeply involved in prototyping the next generation telecom switches. I was thelead architect in a project that we called AXE VM. AXE...
What to Check if MySQL Memory Utilisation is High  10h45 21 février
One of the key factors of a performant MySQL database server is having good memory allocation and utilization, especially when running it in a production environment. But how can you determine if the MySQL utilization is optimized? Is it reasonable to have high memory utilization or does it require...
Make It Smarter: Tuning MySQL Client Request Routing for Tungsten Connector  11h32 20 février
Overview The Skinny In this blog post we explore various options for tuning MySQL traffic routing in the Tungsten Connector for better control of the distribution. A Tungsten Cluster relies upon the Tungsten Connector to route client requests to the master node or optionally to the slaves. The...
MySQL Encryption: How Master Key Rotation Works  17h40 19 février
MySQL Performance Blog
In the last blog post of this series, we discussed in detail how Master Key encryption works. In this post, based on what we already know about Master Key encryption, we look into how Master Key rotation works. The idea behind Master Key rotation is that we want to generate a new Master Key and use...
Webinar 2 26: Building a Kubernetes Operator for Percona XtraDB Cluster  14h37 19 février
MySQL Performance Blog
This talk covers some of the challenges we sought to address by creating a Kubernetes Operator for Percona XtraDB Cluster, as well as a look into the current state of the Operator, a brief demonstration of its capabilities, and a preview of the roadmap for the remainder of the year. Find out how...
The state of Orchestrator, 2020 (spoiler: healthy)  19h14 18 février
Shlomi Noach
This post serves as a pointer to my previous announcement about The state of Orchestrator, 2020. Thank you to Tom Krouper who applied his operational engineer expertise to content publishing problems.
ProxySQL Config file creation Backup solution  17h12 18 février
Sri Sakthivel Durai Pandian
We are well aware that ProxySQL is one of the powerful SQL aware proxy for MySQL. The ProxySQL configuration is flexible and the maximum part of configurations can be done with the ProxySQL client itself. The latest ProxySQL release ( 2.0.9 ) has few impressive features like SQL injection...
How to Deploy and using MySQL InnoDB Replica Set in Production ?  17h06 18 février
Chandan Kumar
How to Deploy MySQL InnoDB Replica Set in Production? Before i talk about Deployment process of MySQL InnoDB Replica Set , it is more important to know below details:- What is MySQL InnoDB Replica Set? What is prerequisite and limitation of using MySQL Replica Set? In what kind of scenarios...
MySQL InnoDB Cluster Replication via Router to Slave Single Node using SSL  03h26 18 février
Ivan Ma
This article is written to share how to setup SSL Replication between MySQL InnoDB Cluster and Slave single node via MySQL Router.It is for Demo Purpose ONLY.The video below shows the Replication working between Primary Node failover in the MySQL InnoDB Cluster. The Replication switches to...
Important Health Checks for your MySQL Master-Slave Servers  18h52 17 février
In a MySQL master-slave high availability (HA) setup, it is important to continuously monitor the health of the master and slave servers so you can detect potential issues and take corrective actions. In this blog post, we explain some basic health checks you can do on your MySQL master and slave...