Python String Formatting Tips & Best Practices  14h00 11 avril
Real Python
Learn the four main approaches to string formatting in Python, as well as their strengths and weaknesses. You’ll also get a simple rule of thumb for how to pick the best general purpose string formatting approach in your own programs. [ Improve Your Python With Python Tricks Get a short &...
How to Create an Index in Django Without Downtime  14h00 10 avril
Real Python
Managing database migrations is a great challenge in any software project. Luckily, as of version 1.7, Django comes with a built-in migration framework. The framework is very powerful and useful in managing change in databases. But the flexibility provided by the framework required some compromises...
Running Python Scripts  14h00 09 avril
Real Python
One of the most important skills you need to build as a Python developer is to be able to run Python scripts and code. This is going to be the only way for you to know if your code works as you planned. It’s even the only way of knowing if your code works at [&]
Python REST APIs With Flask, Connexion, and SQLAlchemy - Part 3  14h00 08 avril
Real Python
In Part 2 of this series, you added the ability to save changes made through the REST API to a database using SQLAlchemy and learned how to serialize that data for the REST API using Marshmallow. Connecting the REST API to a database so that the application can make changes to existing data and...
Python Development in Visual Studio Code (Setup Guide)  14h00 04 avril
Real Python
In this course, you’ll learn how to use Visual Studio Code for Python development. By following examples, you’ll cover everything from how to install and configure Visual Studio Code for Python development to how to run tests and debug application, so you can use this powerful tool. [ Improve Your...
What Is Pip? A Guide for New Pythonistas  14h00 03 avril
Real Python
What is pip? pip is the standard package manager for Pyhon. It allows you to install and manage additional packages that are not part of the Python standard library. This tutorial is an introduction to pip for new Pythonistas. In this tutorial, you’ll learn about: Installing additional packages not...
Idiomatic Pandas: Tricks & Features You May Not Know  14h00 02 avril
Real Python
Pandas is a foundational library for analytics, data processing, and data science. It’s a huge project with tons of optionality and depth. In this course you’ll see how to use some lesser-used but idiomatic Pandas capabilities that lend your code better readability, versatility, and speed. [...
Get Started With Django Part 1: Build a Portfolio App  14h00 01 avril
Real Python
Django is a fully featured Python web framework that can be used to build complex web applications. In this tutorial, you’ll jump in and learn Django by example. You’ll follow the steps to create a fully functioning web application and, along the way, learn some of the most important features of...
How to Stand Out in a Python Coding Interview  14h00 27 mars
Real Python
You’ve made it past the phone call with the recruiter, and now it’s time to show that you know how to solve problems with actual code. Whether it’s a HackerRank exercise, a take-home assignment, or an onsite whiteboard interview, this is your moment to prove your coding interview skills. But...
Django Migrations 101  14h00 26 mars
Real Python
Since version 1.7, Django has come with built-in support for database migrations. In Django, database migrations usually go hand in hand with models: whenever you code up a new model, you also generate a migration to create the necessary table in the database. However, migrations can do much more....