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How is GraphQL different from the old days?  17h21 23 février
In the old days we have API to get data, and then later we have RESTful, and then now we have GraphQL. In the old days, we have custom-made query, to get exactly what we wanted, no more, no less. And then, we have RESTful, and it was somehow treated like a gospel. And then, it was said that it...
How The DEV Community transformed my Career ?  13h47 23 février
A Problem with Developers Developers are intelligent people who love to write code in isolation. Being a developer, I also love to work in a separate room fighting with bugs but there’s a problem. Yes. The problem with developers like me and most of others as well. Problem is that me and...
What’s your way of publishing Node.js library for the browser? (also, introducing Rollup)  10h28 23 février
Do you attach to window object, or is there a better alternative? How many namespaces do you usually attach? How do you maintain both browser version and bundler version? Do you require your library users to use a bundler or Node.js, for simplicity’s sake? If you bundle for library users,...
How do you avoid rabbit holes?  23h08 22 février
It’s nice to go deep on a problem sometimes, but we can be tempted to go too deep. How do you manage your time when examining intricate problems?
ð Uber Eats Ruined My Life - Solved with NodeJS  22h09 22 février
Hey guys I’ve been spending over 600 bucks per month in Uber Eats. My mentality was Spend less time doing low-effort stuff, and more time coding and making MVP’s of my projects So I thought it was going to be fun project to make a script that will listen to my keystrokes and bully me every...
Stack Overflow is leaking user emails  20h12 22 février
I am developing a Google Alerts for developers service GitSpo. I have not figured out exactly what it is, but it is growing fast and people are liking it. A big part of GitSpo is aggregating data from different social networks, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Stack Overflow. This is when I noticed...
Do you work at a startup ?  20h04 22 février
Share your experience of working for a startup. One Pro and One Con ð . Is their any suggestion for the college students who wanna do Masters ?
Understanding Ruby’s block proc parsing  16h45 22 février
In Ruby, methods can take a single block as an argument, which can be specified explicitly in the method signature by writing: def some method(&blk) end or implicitly in the method body by writing: def some method yield if block given? end There are a few ways of specifying the...
Games to teach programming to a 9-year-old?  15h29 22 février
Hey folks My nephew’s birthday is almost here and I’m trying to come up with a good gift for him. He’s going to be 9 years old and I think he might dig learning about programming he’s into video games and is competing in a chess tournament today. I was just about start looking up some...
Learning JavaScript shouldn’t be hard in 2020  14h38 22 février
Learning Javascript in the year 2020 is going to be overwhelming. There are thousands of endless articles about Javascript, and it’s libraries and web frameworks. For a beginner, laboriously plowing through this mountain’s worth of articles doesn’t make any meaningful sense. What you need is a...
Naming Things: Thoughts on one of coding’s most elusive tasks  20h11 21 février
Hey Devs I’ve just released a free online book called Naming Things. It’s a collection of experiences I’ve had with naming all kinds of things in code--classes, objects, methods, properties, and business concepts. I’ve had the unique opportunity to work mainly on one piece of software for many...
Can CSS variables be watched, (need a smart cookie)  19h38 21 février
The best thing since sliced bread and absolutely the most revolutionary thing I have seen in my time as Dev, is CSS variables, it’s shocking because it’s something that should have been there from day one. Let’s get to the question, given I can get and set CSS variables in JavaScript ð , can I...