Anvil Works
Retail Data: It’s Worse Than You Think  00h00 06 janvier
In this episode of the Anvil podcast, Kevin Dalias talks to Meredydd about why retail data is so messy, why something as simple as a digital product catalog is so hard for many stores, and how he founded Ruchomi to get a grip on it.
Anvil Advent Calendar Roundup  00h00 25 décembre
The last door of the Anvil Advent Calendar has opened We built 24 web apps - one each day until Christmas - with nothing but Python. Grab a mince pie, get cosy, and look through our final batch of festive web apps.
Advent Calendar Roundup: Week 2  00h00 16 décembre
In the second week of the Anvil Advent Calendar, we’ve automated awkward family moments, seen the price of spice, and designed an interactive Christmas tree. And there’s still over a week to go
Advent Calendar Roundup: Week 1  00h00 08 décembre
We’re a week into the Anvil Advent Calendar, and already we’ve got an AI writing Christmas cards for us. Plus: wishlists, Secret Santas, and more. What’s next? Sign up and find out
Announcing the Anvil Advent Calendar  00h00 01 décembre
We’re building a Python web app each day until Christmas. Join us on a festive Python adventure
Web development made simple  00h00 08 novembre
Ever wondered what it might be like to build, ship and deploy your web apps with nothing but Python? You’ve come to the right place. Read on as we run you through Anvil’s key features, showing you what the platform is all about and what you can do with it.
How Growing Vegetables Makes Me a Better Programmer  00h00 30 octobre
Mental health isn’t just absence of illness - you can also build up mental fitness . I do it in 100 square metres of government-subsidised mud.
Web apps for sysadmins  00h00 07 octobre
As a systems administrator, you need to save time wherever you can. You can use web apps to give your colleagues self-serve interfaces. They can run routine processes themselves, leaving you to do the hard stuff. We show you how to build a self-serve web app with nothing but Python, in just 30...
Full Interview: Anders Kalland, Platform Manager at RiksTV  00h00 30 septembre
TV is transforming, as streaming replaces traditional broadcasting. Anders tells us how this caused a customer service crisis, and how he built the tool that solved it.
Running Python in the Web Browser  00h00 24 septembre
There are many ways to run Python in the browser. At PyCon UK 2019, Shaun talked about six different approaches, showed how to use them, and compared their designs and tradeoffs.
Announcing Scheduled Tasks  00h00 05 septembre
Anvil now lets you schedule Python tasks to run periodically in the cloud. It’s like cron, only much easier
How does digital broadcasting work?  00h00 03 septembre
Meredydd talks to Anders Kalland, who leads the internet broadcast team at Norway’s RiksTV network, and Anders tells us about the software he built to diagnose customer problems in real time.
Timezone converter app  00h00 14 août
At Anvil we have a secret productivity weapon - Anvil itself I was sick of making timezone conversions in my head, so I built a timezone converter in 15 minutes.
Build a Dashboard with Python  00h00 02 juillet
This step-by-step guide shows you how to build a business dashboard in just a few minutes, using nothing but Python. Plot data from an external SQL database, private database, a REST API and Anvil’s built-in database.
Stories from the Workshop #2: Lightning AI  00h00 01 juillet
Meredydd talks to Colette Nataf, founder of Lightning AI, about her somewhat unorthodox journey to being the technical founder of a Silicon Valley startup.