PyMOTW – Doug Hellmann
New PyMOTW site logo  21h15 27 juillet
Last week Nils-Hero Lindemann contacted me with some icons to spruce up the PyMOTW site. I love the look and the thought that went into the design. “The four squares symbolize the modules and the white square is the current module, the ‘module of the week’.” Thanks, Nils...
ipaddress Internet Addresses PyMOTW 3  13h00 09 avril
The ipaddress module includes classes for working with IPv4 and IPv6 network addresses. The classes support validation, finding addresses and hosts on a network, and other common operations. Read more… This post is part of the Python Module of the Week series for Python 3. See for...
http.cookies HTTP Cookies PyMOTW 3  13h00 02 avril
The http.cookies module implements a parser for cookies that is mostly RFC 2109 compliant. The implementation is a little less strict than the standard because MSIE 3.0x does not support the entire standard. Read more… This post is part of the Python Module of the Week series for Python 3....
urllib.request Network Resource Access PyMOTW 3  13h00 26 mars
The urllib.request module provides an API for using Internet resources identified by URLs. It is designed to be extended by individual applications to support new protocols or add variations to existing protocols (such as handling HTTP basic authentication). Read more… This post is part of...
io Text, Binary, and Raw Stream I O Tools PyMOTW 3  04h00 19 mars
The io module provides access to the built-in open() function and the classes used to implement file-based input and output operations. The classes are decomposed in such a way that they can be recombined for alternate purposes, for example to enable writing Unicode data to a network socket. Read...
importlib Python’s Import Mechanism PyMOTW 3  13h00 12 mars
The importlib module includes functions that the underlying implementation of Python’s import mechanism for loading code in packages and modules, all implemented in Python. It is one access point to importing modules dynamically, and useful in some cases where the name of the module that needs to...
http.server Base Classes for Implementing Web Servers PyMOTW 3  14h00 05 mars
http.server uses classes from socketserver to create base classes for making HTTP servers. HTTPServer can be used directly, but the BaseHTTPRequestHandler is intended to be extended to handle each protocol method (GET, POST, etc.). Read more… This post is part of the Python Module of the Week...
urllib.robotparser Internet Spider Access Control PyMOTW 3  14h00 26 février
robotparser implements a parser for the robots.txt file format, including a function that checks if a given user agent can access a resource. It is intended for use in well-behaved spiders, or other crawler applications that need to either be throttled or otherwise restricted. Read more… This...
urllib.parse Split URLs into Components PyMOTW 3  14h00 19 février
The urllib.parse module provides functions for manipulating URLs and their component parts, to either break them down or build them up. Read more… This post is part of the Python Module of the Week series for Python 3. See for more articles from the series.
unittest Automated Testing Framework PyMOTW 3  14h00 12 février
Python’s unittest module is based on the XUnit framework design by Kent Beck and Erich Gamma. The same pattern is repeated in many other languages, including C, Perl, Java, and Smalltalk. The framework implemented by unittest supports fixtures, test suites, and a test runner to enable automated...