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r Python Job Board  16h10 22 novembre
Top Level comments must be Job Opportunities. Please include Location or any other Requirements in your comment. If you require people to work on site in San Francisco, you must note that in your post. If you require an Engineering degree, you must note that in your post. Please include as much...
What’s everyone working on this week?  14h10 21 janvier
Tell r python what you're working on this week You can be bragging, grousing, sharing your passion, or explaining your pain. Talk about your current project or your pet project; whatever you want to share. submitted by u AutoModerator [link] [comments]
I see your minesweeper, but how about minesweeper for your terminal? Link to code in the comments.  00h50 23 janvier
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Work laptop doesn’t allow minesweeper? I’m gonna build my own minesweeper, with blackjack, and hookers In fact, forget the hookers   06h59 22 janvier
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RIP Terry Jones. Goodnight, sweet prince.  13h38 22 janvier
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Me, an expert programmer  03h01 23 janvier
I don't know what I did but I messed up Spyder so bad I was spammed with "kernel died" over and over and over and all I could picture was the poor KFC man perishing p.s i am not an expert programmer I am a 101 data science student loosing her mind with her first language here ...
Just a little rant  19h12 22 janvier
with rant: """ This sub is becoming almost useless. Every other post is "sorry, im a newb lol", "where do i start" or "which ide makes me have to think the least". Great. I'm thrilled that you're picking up a language. But this is not, repeat not...
We made a Python-based website to reduce selective facts biased reporting in news browsing  19h51 22 janvier
Hi friends My friends and I (4th year CS students) have been working on a news aggregation website that we aim to solve the problem of selective facts and biased reporting in readers' news browsing experience by utilizing the power of comparison. Basically, our algorithm picks up news topics a...
dfviewer - PyQt5 based a data view tool for pandas data frames  20h34 22 janvier
Hi, I developed an open source package to display Pandas DataFrame content. You can access this package at https: fatihmete dfviewer . This is my second Python package. I am waiting for your contributions. Thanks. Screenshoots: Main Window Search Pandas Query submitted by ...
How about a book on python packaging?  01h16 23 janvier
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Rich - A new Python library for rich text in the terminal. Also tables, markdown, syntax highlighting, and emoji.  16h01 22 janvier
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Best way to practice and improve writing code after learning the basics?  03h56 23 janvier
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I was trying to process an image. Can anyone help me? (Sorry for my poor grammar)  07h28 23 janvier
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Please explain this code  07h23 23 janvier
end 4 total 0 for num in range(end 1): total num ​ print(total) ​ what is happening here? and why is the total to 10? thanks submitted by u Ransrot [link] [comments]
Tkinter: ImageBrowser2 (with canvas)  06h53 23 janvier
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