Feld Thoughts
Venture Deals Online Course - Spring 2020 Registration Is Open  13h19 18 février
Brad Feld
We are running the Venture Deals Online Course again. Registration is now open and it runs from March 8, 2020 May 1, 2020. It’s produced by Techstars and Kauffman Fellows. We’ve run the course six times now and have had over 25,000 people take it. It’s free, although it’s recommended that you...
The Challenge of Being an Excellent Board Member  20h13 13 février
Brad Feld
When I started blogging in 2004, there weren’t many VC bloggers. I followed Fred Wilson and David Hornik’s lead and just started writing what was on my mind about, well, anything that was on my mind. Today, VC content pieces are everywhere. I’ve become less interested in writing this kind of stuff...
You All Instead of You Guys  15h21 12 février
Brad Feld
While reading Kim Scott’s book Radical Candor: Fully Revised & Updated Edition: Be a Kick-Ass Boss Without Losing Your Humanity, I came across an anecdote from a discussion she had with Dick Costolo. One of my favorite stories about Dick and diversity was his effort to eliminate the phrase you...
The Coronavirus Impact on Hardware Startups  12h41 06 février
Brad Feld
For the past week, I’ve been asked at least once a day (yesterday I was asked several times, with an R0 of 3) about what I think the coronavirus’ impact will be on the global supply chain. I have a perspective that it’s too early to really know but there are starting to be guidelines about how to...
New Podcast Funding Frequency  12h26 05 février
Brad Feld
I do a lot of random podcasts and especially like to be an early guest on new ones to help get them started. 001 Brad Feld The first five episodes are with me, David Cohen, Susan Conover, Amos Schwartzfarb, and Charlie O’Donnell. Andrew Waine is the producer. He’s currently a senior at the...
Book: Yes, You Can Do This How Women Start Up, Scale Up, and Build The Life They Want  12h07 04 février
Brad Feld
Claudia Reuter, now the Techstars GM Americas East (and previously the Techstars MD for the Stanley Techstars Additive Manufacturing Accelerator), has a new book coming out called Yes, You Can Do This How Women Start Up, Scale Up, and Build The Life They Want. I read the final page proofs while I...
Book: Walking: One Step at a Time  12h37 03 février
Brad Feld
Erling Kagge’s book Walking: One Step at a Time was delightful. On Friday night I had dinner with John Underkoffler. John and I lived together at college and have been friends for over 35 years, working together for the past 13 or so. Our conversation rambled on a variety of topics, as is usually...
Learning Spanish and Liking Horses  16h26 31 janvier
Brad Feld
We create narratives about ourselves that become deeply entrenched in our minds and ways of being. Many of them are useless and counterproductive. One of mine is that I am bad at learning languages. This is an artifact from junior high school. I took two years of French and, while I did ok, I didn...
Massachusetts Global Entrepreneur In Residence Five Year Results  12h55 30 janvier
Brad Feld
I continue to be a strong supporter of legal immigration to the United States. A fundamental belief of mine is that entrepreneurs should be able to start their companies anywhere they want. A corollary to that is some of the historical success of the US as an entrepreneurial ecosystem has been...
Distilled Moments: Poems By Dave Jilk  12h36 29 janvier
Brad Feld
Dave Jilk was my first business partner (we co-founded Feld Technologies). The photo above is from Dave’s office at 155 Federal Street around 1991. We worked closely together for seven years before selling the company in 1993 to a public company called Sage Alerting Systems, which renamed itself...