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Haymaker Defense - Duck Under Series  03h06 22 février
Some drills for haymaker defenses if the attacker starts pushing back into you after you crash in. Had some free time during open mat at The Dojo SATX here in San Antonio, TX We’ve created a meeting place of martial arts at our headquarters Kickboxing, Wing Chun, Tai Chi, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu,...
Karate in MMA [2020 Edition]  17h55 01 février
More kata-based applications found in MMA with updated clips from 2019 and before. Excited to get this out there and start the new year, we have huge plans for this year so keep up the support. We appreciate it all As always, when in doubt, just train. #weareallone ✠Subscribe: https: www...
Fun Sparring at The Dojo SATX  03h15 11 janvier
Flowing through some South American Ground Karate at the dojo
Karate Concept: The Hooking Hand & Elbow Frames  15h51 02 janvier
Today we show some in-depth details on a common move in Karate with emphasis on the hand and elbow as a control mechanism. ✠Subscribe: https: www.youtube.com c karateculture?sub confirmation 1
Vlog 37: Thoughts On Anticipation In Combat  16h04 10 décembre
Been thinking about the word anticipation as it relates to combat, here it’s discussed in regards to 2 different ranges of attack. Also included old raw footage that was never used in previous videos - mostly solo drills and body mechanic drills. ✠Subscribe: https: www.youtube.com c...
Takedowns With Strikes Sparring  04h06 05 décembre
Our most senior student gets some work in at The Dojo SATX
More Fun Sparring at The Dojo SATX  02h58 21 novembre
Happy to be posting more It’s awesome how many variations of sparring there can be from distance fighting, to clinch fighting, to takedown wrestling. Everything done for the sake of helping the other, osu
Fun Sparring at The Dojo SATX  03h55 19 novembre
A Quick Study Of Karate Frames - Shuto Uke  21h21 30 août
Credits to FightTips, hard2hurt, & BJJ Joe ✠Subscribe: https: www.youtube.com c karateculture?sub confirmation 1
Karate Concept: Reactions Off the Break  04h38 22 août
This week we discuss the concept of covering up when you lose connectivity with the opponent. Also, other options and drills to create that disconnection to set up an attack. The Dojo SATX - serving San Antonio, Texas - Karate Culture headquarters ✠Subscribe: https: www.youtube.com c...
Karate Limb Clearing Drill  02h56 13 août
Cool drill we’ve been working on at The Dojo in San Antonio, Texas ð
Arm Manipulation Drill Follow-Up  03h17 17 juillet
Karate Arm Manipulation Drill  16h25 14 juillet
A basic arm manipulation drill we’ve been working on at the dojo here in San Antonio, TX. Finally got around to filming it for the students thedojosatx.com ✠Subscribe: https: www.youtube.com c karateculture?sub confirmation 1
Pinan Shodan Pivot Step Breakdown  01h42 09 juin
Been working on more editing styles for the online technique database we’re filming, check it out ✠Subscribe: https: www.youtube.com c karateculture?sub confirmation 1
Pinan Nidan - Kata Power Drills  19h30 26 mai
Some drills to develop power generation for the beginning movements of Pinan Nidan. Proof of Concept for our future online database of drills if enough people like this type of content. Check out our dojo facebook.com thedojosatx Instagram thedojosatx If you’re in the San Antonio, Texas area,...