Jeffrey Zeldman
A panel on accessibility, design inclusion and ethics, hiring and retaining diverse talent, and landing a job in UX.  15h00 05 décembre
Jeffrey Zeldman
It’s one thing to seek diverse talent to add to your team, another to retain the people you’ve hired. Why do so many folks we bring in to add depth and breadth of experience to our design and business decision-making process end up leaving? Hear thoughtful, useful answers to this question and other...
Another Blue Beanie Day  18h05 01 décembre
Jeffrey Zeldman
Yesterday was the nth annual Blue Beanie Day. (I’ve lost track of what year the standardista holiday started.) I was awake at 1:00 AM on Friday night Saturday morning, so I tweeted Happy #BlueBeanieDay, then slept. No blog post, no prelude just a past-midnight tweet, over and out. Saturday, once...
Let’s hang (Spotify)  13h45 28 novembre
Jeffrey Zeldman
Love music? Follow your own tastes? Let’s share. Connect on Spotify.Connect on As a bonus, if we connect on Spotify, you not only get access to An Event Apart’s playlists from the past decade, you also get a preview of the 2020 playlist in progress. The post Let’s hang (Spotify) appeared...
Expressive Design Systems  22h17 21 novembre
Jeffrey Zeldman
Yesenia Perez-Cruz started her career as a designer at Happy Cog Philadelphia. From the first day, her design gifts were unmistakable. As her career progressed, she moved from one challenging role to another. At companies like Vox Media and Shopify, and at conferences around the world, she has been...
Design Kickoff Meetings  19h46 17 novembre
Jeffrey Zeldman
Posted here for posterity: Design kickoff meetings are like first dates that prepare you for an exciting relationship with a person who doesn’t exist. The post Design Kickoff Meetings appeared first on Zeldman on Web & Interaction Design.
My Brunch with Jen  20h29 10 novembre
Jeffrey Zeldman
Jen was present for, and actively participated in, the very beginnings of the creative and blogging web, and her famous book, now in its umpteenth edition, is still the best introduction to web design I know probably the best that will ever be written. The post My Brunch with Jen appeared first on...
Rams  20h54 29 octobre
Jeffrey Zeldman
We show our audience Gary Hustwit’s Rams a documentary about product design icon Dieter Rams during the lunch hour at An Event Apart. We’ve shown Gary’s film in every city of our tour this year, and every time I’ve watched it with our attendees I’ve seen new things in the film, and been ever...
The Beauty Trap in Design [Automattic.Design]  14h39 25 octobre
Jeffrey Zeldman
I love a good page layout. I’m a chump for a visually well composed series of paragraphs. The proper degree of corner rounding for a given set of photos in relation to a box three columns over sets my little heart aflutter. The post The Beauty Trap in Design [Automattic.Design] appeared first on...
Crash Course in Judaism  16h25 24 octobre
Jeffrey Zeldman
At the Automattic Grand Meetup, 2019, zeldman shares a tale from his childhood. #standup #comedy #zeldman #WordPress #Automattic The post Crash Course in Judaism appeared first on Zeldman on Web & Interaction Design.
Design is a (hard) job.  17h29 28 juin
Jeffrey Zeldman
DESIGN WAS so much easier before I had clients. I assigned myself projects with no requirements, no schedule, no budget, no constraints. By most definitions, what I did wasn’t even design except that it ended up creating new things, some of which still exist on the web. Soon I had requirements,...
You got this.  13h30 22 mai
Jeffrey Zeldman
I’M LEARNING new tech and it’s hard. Maybe you’re in the same boat. Through the rosy lens of memory, learning HTML and Photoshop back in the day was a breeze. It wasn’t, really. And CSS, when it came along in 1996, was even tougher to grasp in part because it was mostly theoretical, due to poor [&]...
My glamorous life: are you ready to math?  22h15 12 mai
Jeffrey Zeldman
For the past two years, I’ve been publishing a daily work-and-life diary on Basecamp, sharing it with a few friends. This private writing work supplanted the daily public writing I used to do here. In an experiment, I’m publishing yesterday’s diary entry here today: YESTERDAY, Ava and a few of her...
On Teaching (plus Monday links)  12h30 29 avril
Jeffrey Zeldman
TEACHING is a great way to find out what you know, and to connect with other human beings around a shared passion. It’s an energy exchange as well as an information one, and the energy and information flow both ways. I’ve been a faculty member in the MFA in Interaction Design program at New York’s ...
Limo to my bed of nails, stat   11h07 27 mars
Jeffrey Zeldman
Unintentionally hilarious Style piece on Stoicism as misunderstood and ostentatiously practiced by trend-conforming Silicon Valley billionaires. (Ooh, billionaire walks five miles a day? So does everyone with two legs in New York.) 2019 03 26 style silicon-valley-stoics.html The post...
Healthcare in America  14h17 23 mars
Jeffrey Zeldman
I’m one of the lucky ones. I have a great doctor and good health insurance. A boring generic healthcare company bought my longterm doctor’s group practice a few months ago. First thing they did was screw up the online patient portal, changing it from the poorly designed, barely usable mess I’d...