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The horrors of the cloud: companies screwing users’ privacy, PCs and cars  22h05 13 février
Sir Arthur
Cloud computing is that horrible place inhabited by idiots and managed by corporations that try everything to turn shit into gold and make profits from users’ connections. The promises of cloud-based services are becoming more and more extraordinary, unattainable and nonsensical, luckily computer...
The Doom Slayer’s jolly adventures in Hell  00h55 06 février
Sir Arthur
I am the Doom Slayer, and my demonic friends will always fear me...
Video games streaming, the new digital crap shat down from the cloud  23h23 29 janvier
Sir Arthur
Entrusting data to cloud computing without a shellproof backup plan means to put our digital life in the hands and on the computers of someone else, and the big Internet corporations keep on planning new ways to get a profit out of it. The giants that built their empires by parasitizing users’ data...
New Gaming widget for Sir Arthur’s Den  00h29 04 décembre
Sir Arthur
Sir Arthur’s Den now has a new Gaming widget on the right sidebar, a box located right under the latest news from the blog which shows the games Sir Arthur is busy with right now. After all it’s a promise I made to myself when I set up my most recent computer station, to commit myself in a...
ScummVM and ResidualVM, old adventures for new adventurers  22h37 27 novembre
Sir Arthur
These last weeks saw important updates for ScummVM and ResidualVM, two projects having the same goal of making old games fully enjoyable on modern platforms and operating systems. And that with the latest releases one stable, the other one still in development officially pave the way to a...
TNT Village, who shut the P2P Italian forum down?  23h12 19 novembre
Sir Arthur
The decision came unannounced, unexpected and maybe unavoidable considering how the latest events evolved: TNT Village has shut down for good, and the Italian-speaking users of file sharing have now one less forum where to freely share and download copyright-protected contents. TNT Village’s...
Ninth generation consoles: the x86 clones war  20h51 14 novembre
Sir Arthur
We are still more than a year away from the debut of the already announced ninth generation consoles by Sony and Microsoft, hardware features of the future gaming machines are known as well as the purpose of the two corporations to follow the path already taken with the eighth generation and the...
Micro-post #6: update to the latest version of Firefox  19h58 06 septembre
Sir Arthur
My main hope after enduring the Firefox Quantum (64.0) upgrade ordeal, was to be able to install the next versions of Mozilla’s browser without the usual, stressful troubles that come with any of my attempts to update whatever. Therefore, this past week I downloaded and installed the latest...
20 years after Napster, P2P-based piracy is more alive than ever  22h24 04 septembre
Sir Arthur
On the first of June of 20 years ago, when the Internet was completely different compared to the current one, an unprecedented event destined to radically change the industry occurred: Napster s file sharing network stayed on-line for two years spreading a new way to share music and contents...
Videogames highlights June 2019  23h09 11 juillet
Sir Arthur
Without doubt, the 2019 edition of Los Angeles’ E3 brought remarkable announcements and new contents. I mean: Microsoft announced Double Fine acquisition and Halo Infinite (next to the company’s next-gen console we’ll talk about at a later date), Electronic Arts showed the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen...
Videogames highlights May 2019  23h10 03 juillet
Sir Arthur
The video games market is a ruthless, unforgiving place where having what seems a good idea isn’t enough to survive for long. Developers like Ultra Ultra fail to go beyond their first production (ECHO), while games like Grand Theft Auto V continues to sell millions of copies six years after their...
Another small update for DOSBox  17h50 28 juin
Sir Arthur
After eight years of silence, this past Summer the DOSBox crew released a new version of the PC emulator with DOS preferred by retrogaming enthusiasts. Now Qbix & co. did it again, releasing another, small update mostly designed to fix critical security flaws discovered in the source code. The...
Videogames highlights April 2019  22h37 19 juin
Sir Arthur
One of the most interesting things in the month of April was the collaboration of Dario Argento with the Clod Studio developers for Dreadful Bond, a supernatural horror game that once again brings together the the Italian maestro of Giallo and the video games world. In the end the crowdfunding...
Total binge-watching Spring 2019  21h00 15 juin
Sir Arthur
The binge-watching obsession runs strong in my veins. Perhaps I should organize a crowdfunding campaign to turn this addiction into a full-time job.
Sony and Microsoft’s secret weapons for the upcoming console war  15h42 06 juin
Sir Arthur
The unusual temperatures of this autumnal Spring are finally about to make way for Summer heat, and likewise in the everlasting war of home consoles the eighth generation machines are about to retire in favor of a more advanced hardware. The ninth generation of gaming consoles has finally left the...