National Geographic
10 facts you didn’t know about groundhogs  16h39 31 janvier
Stefan Sirucek
There’s more to the furry mammals than Groundhog Day.
Winter solstice 2019 explained: When and why it happens  15h15 19 décembre
Brian Handwerk
Find out how astronomy and meteorology differ on the definition of winter, and how the solstice day is marked around the world.
The real science inspired by ’Star Wars’  17h00 01 décembre
Michael Greshko
From Darth Vader’s breathing to the dual sunsets of Tatooine, we take a look back at the real studies inspired by the Star Wars universe.
Daylight saving time 2019: The odd history of changing our clocks  10h00 01 novembre
Erin Blakemore
Get the facts about springing forward and falling back, a tradition that was established in the U.S. in 1918.
The rigors of war dog training and why Conan is our latest war hero  16h00 29 octobre
Brian Clark Howard
Here’s a look at the bonding that takes place between military dogs and their handlers.
Fall equinox 2019: What it means, and why it matters  10h00 23 septembre
Rachel A. Becker
Get the facts about the first day of fall, including why equinoxes happen and how they have been celebrated through the ages.
How the pursuit of one European peak gave rise to modern mountaineering  14h15 01 août
Mark Jenkins
Climbers reached the Matterhorn’s summit in 1865 then tragedy struck.
What is a ’black moon’, and how often does one happen?  15h27 31 juillet
Michael Greshko
Find out what this lunar event really means, and why it’s actually impossible to see a black moon rising.
Why are we afraid of sharks? There’s a scientific explanation.  13h00 27 juin
Elaina Zachos
Sharks aren’t the mindless killers that we’ve made them out to be.
Shark attacks: After recent bites, your questions answered  16h15 17 juin
Brian Clark Howard
Encounters with the big fish are rare, but can be deadly. Here’s how to reduce your risk, and what you should keep in mind.
See the evolution of over 2,000 world flags in under 5 minutes  16h00 14 juin
Melody Rowell
This film features over 2,000 flags, set in motion to Ludwig van Beethoven, centuries in the making.
2 weeks, 4 deaths, and the start of America’s fear of sharks  15h00 12 juin
Matt McCall
It took a string of shark attacks in New Jersey more than a hundred years ago to make U.S. swimmers fear the ocean’s top predator.
Cyclone, hurricane, typhoon: What’s the difference?  14h00 12 juin
Ker Than
Whatever you choose to call them, these monster storms are powerful natural events with the capacity to wreak incredible havoc.
What we know and what we don’t about the science of tornadoes  11h00 21 mai
Brian Clark Howard
Scientists probe the mysteries of violent twisters.
Plastic proliferates at the bottom of world’s deepest ocean trench  22h30 13 mai
Sarah Gibbens
The remote Mariana Trench offers up yet another plastic bag during a recent deep submersible dive.