Configure ’Break Glass’ Emergency Access for Azure Active Directory  14h00 19 février
In cloud computing generally and in Microsoft Azure specifically, the shared responsibility model means that both Microsoft and you (the customer) have a role to play in ensuring service high availability.
Do You Need To Comply With CCPA If You Are HIPAA Compliant?  14h12 17 février
Disclaimer: This post should not be used to determine your CCPA obligations and does not offer legal advice. It is designed to inform, raise some questions and lead you to investigate further by consulting with attorneys with relevant experience in data privacy laws and enforcement.
How to Automate an Azure Lab Setup  19h22 12 février
In this article, I’m going to show you how you can build an entire Azure lab setup with a single line of PowerShell.
File Transfer Protocol (FTP) vs. Managed File Transfer (MFT)  19h00 11 février
This article provides the detailed features comparison needed when the need for file transfer moves from occasional to operational.
What is HITECH?  17h02 10 février
The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was introduced in 1996, and compliance was (and indeed is) necessary for all U.S. healthcare organizations.
Getting Started with Azure Firewall  21h41 06 février
In today’s tutorial, I’ll teach you how to get started with Azure Firewall, Microsoft’s cloud-native managed firewall appliance. Call it firewall-as-a-service if you’d like. Let’s begin
Top 10 IT Conferences to Attend in 2020  17h08 05 février
Selecting the top ten IT conferences is a subjective matter, as we all have varying interests. Thousands take place every year. Here are 10 IT conferences I think you should go to.
Podcast: A Different Perspective on Shadow IT  16h46 04 février
Shadow IT usually is the crux of IT teams. It creates an issue of visibility within the IT stack that leaves IT in the dark. But maybe that’s not the whole story?
What is Cloud Security Posture Management? (CSPM)  16h25 03 février
For years, security concerns kept many business leaders convinced it was too risky to migrate the IT environment to the cloud. But in recent years, there’s been a shift.
Data Privacy vs. Data Protection  14h45 30 janvier
This article will stick to the American usage but remember that if you are operating globally, the terminology can get confusing.