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How do I choose what’s shown on login?  12h07 18 février
@Giuseppe Giuseppe
Giuseppe wrote: Ie: it currently shows fresh articles - I want to switch to all articles Posts: 1 Participants: 1 Read full topic
General Settings missing in prefs  14h27 17 février
@Glucose Glucose
Glucose wrote: Hi I don’t have the generals settings in prefs.php (same in light or dark theme) Capture864à 247 8.81 KB Any idea ? Regards On a v20.02-06b9d3966 tt-rss PHP 7.3 FPM Postgresql 12 Auth by LDAP Posts: 34 Participants: 4 ...
Prevent Safari dark mode  08h55 17 février
@ManuelW Manuel
ManuelW wrote: Hey there, i use the default theme of tt-rss and Safari on MacOS is automatically enabling the dark mode for tt-rss. Is there a way to prevent dark mode for tt-rss? I try’d with :root color-scheme: light; in custon css, but it won’t work. thanks for...
Next article or scroll doesn’t work in Combined mode anymore  17h40 13 février
kaistian wrote: Describe the problem you’re having: I was running 8e8fd73db and updated to latest master 47135160d, and I have the plugin googlereaderkeys enabled. git log --oneline 8e8fd73db..HEAD wc -l 144 After the update the space bar only scrolled the paged,...
Hi, any idea to show all actions of filters in one time?  14h13 12 février
dudu wrote: Like 2 actions , I have to click the filter to see other 2 actions, I know this default setting makes the page much cleaner. But it also make harder to see what actions are there. So is there any idea to show all filters’ actions in that one page if I need...
How to improve performance?  16h22 11 février
Hans wrote: Hello, I run the latest git clone of tt-rss on a share hosting environment (modified Debian-Linux). Performance is getting slower & slower (loading the pages, browser & internet connection is fine), I guess because too many other users use the shared hosting...
Feed keyboard navigation  15h49 11 février
iacchi wrote: Hello, I have found that keyboard navigation of feeds has become worse and worse with time. At the beginning, I could select an item (say, from the new articles meta-feed) and press my up arrow key (I usually scroll them backwards) to go to the previous item...
Error when creating filters  20h18 08 février
@T_C T C
T C wrote: Hi All. I don’t know if this is a bug or something I’ve done wrong. I’m trying to figure out how the filters work and I got an error, with a link in which it won’t let me post. I’m trying to create a filter to mark stories with M M in content with a certain...
Web push notifications  13h49 06 février
@densin densin
densin wrote: In my country, many news web seem stop support rss then change to web push notifications to my browser. but reading news from rss-client is my favor. have any web push notifications to rss bridge or tiny-rss adding support to feed web push in future...
Couple of questions regarding Docker containers  11h10 06 février
@adhawkins Andy Hawkins
adhawkins wrote: Hi, I’m switching my setup over from pulling from git to using docker-compose. I’ve run in to a couple of niggly issues. The docker-compose file is slightly modified, and is below: # set database password in .env # please don’t use quote (’) or ( )...
Issue with ccache  16h13 05 février
@hapee Hapee
hapee wrote: Describe the problem you’re having: after a recent git pull I have issues with tt-rss: Communication problems with the server and the log shows: classes counters.php:54 Uncaught Error: Class CCache’ not found in var www html tt-rss classes counters.php:54...
How to use a plugin for a single feed?  14h22 05 février
@stubkan stubkan
stubkan wrote: Hi, just got this running and loving it so far One feed I added - from a forum, has many Entity squo’ not defined’ errors, It seems to be html encoding... I found this plugin (tt-rss-entityclean on github) which fixes these incidences and made the rss...
PLUGIN wanted] - Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds without Links to Facebook, Instagram and Twitte  07h45 05 février
@rockyIII rockyIII
rockyIII wrote: With RSS-Bright I get feeds from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I would like to republish this feeds but without the included links to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Can someone help be to write a custom plugin which does this job? Thanks ...
Can’t Subscribe to Feed(AnandTech) HTTP 1.1 403 Forbidden  11h15 02 février
@can can
can wrote: Hello. I seem to be unable to subscribe to the feed of AnandTech. Upon trying, I get the following error and can’t go past it. Couldn’t download the specified URL: HTTP 1.1 403 Forbidden Here is my system: CentOS Linux release 7.7.1908 (Core) on a VPS ...
Help to retrieve feed list from former ttrss app folder  23h36 29 janvier
@isaacq isaacq
isaacq wrote: hey there, one and all. i am hoping someone here will be kind and patient enough to help me. i used TTRSS for several years, hosted on my home PC, and since i know nothing at all about databases, i was most grateful for the Bitnami stack one-click setup....