This 200 Laptop Is Like a Chromebook You Can Hack  13h00 17 février
Ernie Smith
The Pinebook Pro, a community-built Linux laptop that runs on ARM hardware, offers a few surprises. Fairly inexpensive, it’s the perfect machine for tinkerers.
Scientists Need Help Looking for Aliens in Massive New Trove of SETI Data  00h00 15 février
Emanuel Maiberg
The Breakthrough Listen project just released two petabytes of SETI data, and anyone from scientists to coders with experience in Python and a bit of gumption can look for signs of extraterrestrial life.
Target’s Delivery App Workers Describe a Culture of Retaliation and Fear  19h04 14 février
Madeleine Gregory
The Target-owned grocery delivery company Shipt is rolling out a new algorithmic pay model that is already draining paychecks. And workers are terrified to speak out.
Leaked Documents Show Pentagon Was Studying UFO-Related Phenomena  18h20 14 février
Jordan Pearson
Newly leaked documents published by Popular Mechanics show that a shadowy Pentagon program produced reports investigating phenomena such as injuries from ’exotic’ propulsion that mention UFOs.
Someone Is Trying to Revive the Infamous Revenge Porn Site Anon-IB  13h39 14 février
Lauren Kaori Gurley
Over 1,500 unique posters have uploaded or commented on images from the site, many requesting content they remember from the original site.
Mac Adware Infections Increased by 400% in 2019  13h00 14 février
Emanuel Maiberg
According to a report by anti-malware software vendor Malwarebytes, Mac adware infections rose by 400 percent year-over-year.
Stealing Luxury Cars Has Never Looked So Easy  12h30 14 février
MJ Banias
On this week’s CYBER we talk about a device that can break into luxury vehicles by the push of a button.
California Police Have Been Illegally Sharing License Plate Reader Data  21h33 13 février
Jordan Pearson
A major audit found that California cops shared data on the movements of millions of drivers without having policies in place, disregarding state law.
We’re Now Harvesting Crabs to Make Plastic  20h02 13 février
Emanuel Maiberg
Invasive green crabs are a problem for conservationists, and now scientists in Canada will start receiving shipments of them to make biodegradable plastic cups and cutlery.
NASA Found Exotic Organic Molecules on Ancient Space Object ’Arrokoth’  19h00 13 février
Joe Uchill
The latest data from ancient Arrokoth, the most distant object ever visited by spacecraft, supports the idea that it’s covered in organic molecules called tholins and gives us a window into deep cosmic time.