Funko Shows Off New Avengers Game Pops At Toy Fair   21h25 21 février
Matt Miller
Toy Fair is ramping up in New York, where tons of new figures and collectibles are being showcased for the first time. Among the exciting additions for game fans, Funko has highlighted an array of fun figures from the upcoming Crystal Dynamics Avengers video game. Whether you’re looking to help...
Upcoming PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Patch Enables PS4 And Xbox One Party Crossplay   21h06 21 février
Daniel Tack
Ready to party up with your friends across the great console servers? It’s almost time PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds patch 6.2 is expected to allow for players to group up across Xbox and PS4 to play matches together. Console Players: Update 6.2 is now available on the PTS Drop in to test...
Top Of The Table - Wonder Woman: Challenge Of The Amazons   21h00 21 février
Matt Miller
Ask anyone who plays a lot of cooperative board games (or designs them), and they’ll reveal one big problem that always seems to crop up. In a game where everyone is working together toward a common goal, it’s often far too easy for a single player to become the alpha, directing the action and...
Tony Stewart’s Sprint Car Racing Review - Strapping In For A New Ride   20h53 21 février
Matthew Kato
Click here to watch embedded media Publisher: Monster Games Developer: Monster Games Release: February 14, 2020 (PlayStation 4, Xbox One), February 21, 2020 (PC) ...
Replay Halo 2   20h00 21 février
Alex Stadnik
Click here to watch embedded media In Halo: Combat Evolved, Bungie proved to the world that a console first-person shooter could not only work, but could elevate the medium past what many thought possible. In Halo 2, the team refined that formula and produced one of the greatest shooters of all...
Choose Our Fate in Streets Of Rogue Game Informer Live   18h10 21 février
Alex Stadnik
Click to watch embedded media As I discovered earlier this week, games with Twitch integration can be pretty fun. So much so that Leo Vader and Jeff Cork also wanted to get in on the action. What’s a better way to do so than by playing one of Leo’s favorite games of last year? By joining us in...
Coronavirus Convention Impact Continues   15h46 21 février
Daniel Tack
PlayStation cancelled its PAX East presence completely a few days ago, and now other consequences of COVID-19, aka coronavirus, are rippling across the industry. Square Enix has announced that many of their developers are no longer making the journey to PAX, via a post on the Final Fantasy XIV...
Eli Roth Set To Direct Borderlands Movie   21h18 20 février
Jeff Cork
Borderlands is coming to a movie theater near you, and it has some big names attached to it. The upcoming film, which Lionsgate teased five years ago, will be directed by Eli Roth (Cabin Fever, Hostel). It’s based on a script from Craig Mazin, the writer behind The Hangover Part II and HBO’s...
GI Show What We Want From The Next Generation   19h05 20 février
Andy McNamara
Click here to watch embedded media On this week’s episode of The Game Informer Show, I am joined by Joe Juba, Matt Miller, and Alex Stadnik to discuss what we want from next-generation hardware. After we handle some hot topics, we jump into the always entertaining and enlightening community emails...
Outriders’ Weirdest Legendary Weapons In Action   17h15 20 février
Leo Vader
Click here to watch embedded media A loot game is only as good as its loot, so for today’s exclusive Outriders video we’re showing off three of the game’s unique legendaries. Warped by The Anomaly, these almost organic-looking weapons are as fun to look at as they are to play with. Watch the video...
Deadpool Joins Fortnite For Spy-Themed Next Season   16h40 20 février
Matthew Kato
Click here to watch embedded media The latest season of Fortnite has started, and the spy-themed Top Secret backdrop for battle royale includes ways to change the island permanently. Players choose sides and complete missions as part of the Ghost or Shadow sides. The Battle Pass contains agents...
Hands-on With Animal Crossing: New Horizons   14h30 20 février
Jeff Cork
Animal Crossing is one of those series without much middle ground; people are either really into it, or they struggle to see the appeal. I’ve been a fan of the weird little village simulators since the GameCube days, and have been looking forward to a fully realized new entry for years. New...
New Gameplay Today Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition   08h01 20 février
Alex Stadnik
Click here to watch embedded media While there have been other entries in the series since its 2005 release, Devil May Cry 3 remains a fan favorite and thus has received a plethora of different ports throughout the console generations. Now it’s the Nintendo Switch’s turn and we have (mostly) good...
Yacht Club Games Revealing New Stuff Next Week   04h34 20 février
Daniel Tack
If you’re like me, you probably go back and play Shovel Knight all the time. It’s pretty fun But hey, we like new stuff too, so Yacht Club Games is potentially revealing some shiny, fun things next Wednesday at 12 PM EST. The new info is going to be livestreamed on both YouTube and Twitch, so you...
Fire Emblem: Three Houses’ Cindered Shadows Is A Challenging Good Time   00h47 20 février
Kimberley Wallace
Fire Emblem: Three Houses went big by providing three different perspectives to see its larger story unfold. Now we have one more in the Ashen Wolves, but it comes with its own self-contained story. Cindered Shadows is the final piece of the Fire Emblem: Three Houses expansion pass, providing the...