Maxime Vachier-Lagrave : english
December in black and white  18h13 08 janvier
I arrived in London on December 1st, in a familiar environment and in a city I like, to compete in the Grand Chess Tour final, with the same 4-player format than the previous year. I learned of my qualification at the last minute, as it depended on the results of the other players, especially Anand...
Hamburg: the sprint is launched   17h14 20 novembre
There are still two places to be distributed on sporting criteria for the Candidates’ Tournament, via the 2019 FIDE Grand Prix which is coming to an end. The Hamburg tournament has just ended, and the final stage is scheduled from December 11 in the heart of the historic district of Jerusalem. In...
My World Cup (Part 2)  12h50 31 octobre
FINAL: MVL ARONIAN (2758) 2.5-1.5 In the first game with black, I knew what I was getting into when I entered this line of the 5.Bg5 Grünfeld. A position slightly difficult to defend where I will have to find one or two precise moves to equalize completely; which was the case after 25...f5 & ...
My World Cup (Part 1)  13h32 11 octobre
The World Cup is a format I like& I’ve played them all since 2009, with two semi-finals and a quarter-final to my credit. First of all, it’s a competition that changes a little bit from our ordinary life; there’s more show and more at stake every game, it’s as well nice for the spectators. But & ...
August in the Missouri  16h50 06 septembre
The sequence of tournaments in recent months has been really difficult to handle. They said here and there that I had played too much; it’s true, but I didn’t really have a choice The FIDE Grand Prix and the Grand Chess Tour are unavoidable, but they decided on dates much too late. Otherwise, I...
3 tournaments in a row   09h36 09 août
I just finished a few days ago a 6-week marathon. Indeed, I left home on June 24 and flew to Zagreb, Croatia, in order to play the first Classical tournament of the Grand Chess Tour (GCT). On July 9, I flew directly from Zagreb to Riga, Latvia, where I began my Grand Prix FIDE campaign. & Continue...
2020 World Championship qualifiers  21h59 10 juillet
As shown in his agenda, Maxime will play intensively until the end of the year. The reason is an unbalanced international events calendar. The next World championship is scheduled November 2020, but the qualifications have already begun. In the second half of 2019, World top players will play...
Dull Norway Chess, but World Blitz #1   08h11 25 juin
I always loved the Norway Chess atmosphere. So I was delighted to be once again invited to spend two weeks in Stavanger. As usual, the tournament itself was preceded by a blitz showdown, aimed at determining the number of whites and blacks. This year, the challenge was double for me, as I knew that...
Top 12: promoted Asnières vice champion  12h58 03 juin
For the second year Brest, France’s most western city at the tip of Brittany was hosting the Top 12, Elite division of the French Team Championships. So twelve squads of eight players each fought in an 11-round robin tournament, May 18-28. For the first time, I was playing for Asnières, newly...
Africa   19h45 20 mai
2019 Grand Chess Tour has begun in Africa, a premiere for a world class tournament. By the way, it was also a first for me... The tournament itself took place in the Pullman Hotel, where we were also accomodated. From this point of view, nothing new under the sun, as everything was on par with & ...