Ciou a Tutti..   23h43 07 janvier
Figurine Panini The name alone prompts a wave of nostalgia and immediately recalls frenzied sessions of swapping’ stickers with school-friends in the playground. The excitement of finding that special need’ nestled among all the gots’ is something later generations would sadly never be part of...
67&  22h36 26 septembre
SUPERMANIA marks Christopher Reeve’s 67th birthday with this exclusive unpublished portrait taken by Curt Gunther in New Mexico during the filming of Superman: The Movie in 1978. Though he was taken from us far too soon, the enduring iconography of this image among others dictate that his legacy is...
Steppin’ Out&  23h05 05 septembre
What started out as a field trip to research an upcoming piece on Superman Costumes has ended with a series of unbelievable revelations here at SUPERMANIA. And while I could digress further here, the discovery of the incredible lots in Propstore’s upcoming Entertainment Memorabila Live Auction is...
Flying Into New Danger..   00h15 24 juillet
As cub reporter Jimmy Olsen himself once said We’re back A very warm welcome to SUPERMANIA’78 for friends old and new alike. Over the last year the site has been completely regenerated with a dynamic new look featuring all new navigation. Please make your first destination here for an...
And Why Not..?  23h31 20 décembre
In a week where the first and best Superhero movie of the modern era was welcomed into the National Film Registry archive and its latest media release awarded Best Product’ by fans on the Superman Homepage, SUPERMANIA concludes 2017 with another first Martin Lakin Editor,
Goosebumps&  22h44 08 décembre
SUPERMANIA brings you a first-hand report from the halls of the Art Ludique-Le Musée in Paris, currently housing the largest archive of DC Comics related exhibits from both page and screen ever to be assembled. First reported here and now extended until January next year, word on the museum’s...
That’s MY Beat..   20h20 06 novembre
SUPERMANIA is proud to present the first of what will hopefully be a series of custom projects to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Superman: The Movie in 2018. A longtime collaboration with Alexei Lambley-Steel has once again yielded an item of superior quality for the discerning SuperFan in the...
Show & Tell&  12h48 09 octobre
In what is rapidly becoming a worldwide event, over 600 lots of original props & costumes from some of Hollywood’s most spectacular productions went under the gavel in Propstore’s Live Auction of Entertainment Memorabilia last month. As the coverage in the media was extensive (with CEO Steven Lane...
65&  12h59 25 septembre
Today marks what would’ve been Christopher Reeve’s 65th birthday and forty years to the day where he turned 25 on the set of Superman: The Movie. One cannot help but wonder what Reeve would be doing now had his life not taken such a fateful turn in 1995. It would seem (by Hollywood standards) that...
Margot’s Timeout&  20h28 21 septembre
SUPERMANIA presents what at a casual glance would appear to be just another cover story for the opening of the theatrical run of Superman II but this particular issue of London’s Time Out magazine from 1981 represents not only the first no-holds-barred account of the troubled production but what...