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Getting Sweet Patron Money On the Modern Internet - by Jeff Vogel  15h06 27 février
Being an indie developer is, for most of us, a gruesome march to economic oblivion. Unless, of course, you can find a way to make a living from sources besides mere sales. Let’s poke at some of the ways to get patrons to support us online
Steam sales case study: ’Academia: School Simulator’ - by Simon Carless  11h41 26 février
So, we’re back with a behind-the-scenes analysis of another Steam game’s sales. Many thanks to Ryan Sumo for allowing us to check out lifetime revenues for Squeaky Wheel’s Academia: School Simulator.
Hyper-Exclusive Content, 2020 - by Jeremy Alessi  15h21 26 février
The idea was games that are hosted, streamed, played once, and then expire. For example, imagine Super Mario Bros. but every time someone dies, another player takes over, until eventually someone finishes the game. Then, once it’s over, the game shutters
How to Cut Your Content Update Times by 10x With PlayFab - by Ruben Torres Bonet  15h14 25 février
How would you cut these 5 days you may spend to ship a new build with just updated game assets? Here is how: with Unity Addressables PlayFab integration.
Video Game Deep Cuts: Your World Of Horror’s Clockwork God - by Simon Carless  12h49 22 février
The latest highlights include a raft of new games to look at, from World Of Horror through Lair Of The Clockwork God to Hunt: Showdown and beyond, as well as some great history pieces, looks at voxels and Apple Arcade, and an investigative piece on GameSt
PixelCast 25, Devs’ Meetup at Guy Fieri’s Dive... - by Jeremy Alessi  15h05 21 février
In episode 25 Jeremy sits down with Andrew, Nathan, Joseph, and newcomer Josh to discuss each of their current game dev ambitions and captures the complete essence of any good PixelFest Devs’ meetup. BTW, .kkrieger (created by .theprodukkt)
The Little-Known Secrets of Unity Oculus CPU GPU Performance Levels - by Ruben Torres Bonet  15h10 18 février
Here’s a question for those of you who develop for Oculus VR... How much do you really know about the Oculus CPU and GPU hardware levels? Let’s see what these hardware levels are doing to your game.
The State Of Steam Discoverability: February 2020 - by Simon Carless  13h54 17 février
Turns out that Iâ m accumulating enough interesting & relevant game discoverability tidbits to do a monthly update - â hereâ s some fun stuff I found on the Internet, and my comments on themâ .
Video Game Deep Cuts: You Got Politics In My Dreams - by Simon Carless  09h00 15 février
The latest highlights include the politics in games discussion re-ignited by Tim Sweeney’s DICE comments, the full launch of Media Molecule’s Dreams, a look at new games like Wide Ocean Big Jacket, & more besides.
Impact of Coronavirus Epidemic to China’s Game Industry - by Junxue Li  15h53 13 février
This article is a realtime report about how China’s ongoing coronavirus epidemic impacts the video game industry, the writer me lives in the epidemic area.
Resolutiion: 9 Tips from our first Gamedev-Journey - by Guenther Beyer  15h22 26 février
Five years ago two German twins jumped into crafting their first video game without any kind of experience. Now close to releasing Resolutiion, we are wondering: what did we learn in these five yeas? These are our nine most valuable lessons.
The Intersections Between Gaming and Fitness - by Jori Hamilton  15h19 26 février
You might not think that gaming and fitness go hand-in-hand. People who frequently play video games are often stereotyped as â œlazyâ or unmotivated. But thanks to advancements in technology, gaming has become more active and fitness-driven than ever.
Year 3: My full time indie developer life - by Kevin Giguere  15h26 25 février
Hi, my name is Kevin Giguà re and I am the founder and sole member of Dragon Slumber, a video game development company. 2019 was my third year as a full time, professional independent game developer, making this the third blog post chronicling my experien
10 Mistakes Solutions for Hard Conversations - by Iuliana U  15h19 25 février
The most tense and nerve-racking conversations are usually the most important ones. Letâ s take back control and defeat stress in hard conversations with these 10 solutions
How Online Gamers Can Play It Safe - by Faizan Idrees  15h16 25 février
There are many of the games we play online have in-app purchases and need your bank account or credit card information to make payments, and this has led to a proliferation of attacks targeting these platforms to steal money from users.