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Gibraltar 2020: The Demolition Man In Action: Topalov vs Sankalp: Round 1  23h38 21 janvier
The former world champion and Bulgaria’s best is right now in Gibraltar entertaining the crowds. In his very first game of round 1, he was up against one of India’s rising stars. So what happened in this round 1 game against Gupta Sankalp and fast did this game end? This is a good game for every...
Tata Steel Chess 2020: Firouzja vs Carlsen- Striking With A Vengeance  19h38 21 janvier
Round 9 in Tata produced many many changes for nearly every single player. If Carlsen wins this game today, he catches up with Firouzja. If Fabi wins he goes to the top, if van Foreest wins he also jumps to the top and if Wesley So does his usual, he too joins the very top. But this is not hwat...
2020 Tata Steel Rd8: Dubov vs Wesley So: Taking It So Easy  13h56 20 janvier
This game is certainly one of the shortest ones in Tata this year. Having started with the Ragozin, it was if it was known how this game was going to develop. If only the Sofia rule was enforced, this game would have been so so different. If you enjoy the content of this channel, support it in any...
2020 Tata Steel Chess: Carlsen vs Caruana; Very Non-Thrilling  18h14 17 janvier
Round 6 in Tata started and finished quite fast. This game between Magnus Carlsen and Fabiano Caruana was considered to be the highlight of the day but given both players had suffered in recent rounds, was this gonna be another disappointment added to the list? This was a d4 opening that went into...
Tata Steel Chess 2020: First Contact: Wesley So vs Reza Firouzja  21h36 14 janvier
As the title says, this is the very first time Wesley So meets a truly rising star; Alireza Firouzja who is allowed to compete under the FIDE Flag. A Tremendously hard game for both Wesley and Alireza. Both need a win. Reza is in the lead and a win will keep him there. If Wesley wins today, he...
2020 Tata Steel Chess: Wesley So vs Anand: An Amazing Triple Piece Sacrifice  22h49 12 janvier
Tata this year in Wijk aan Zee started in the most weird way. We have two leaders who never participated before in the Masters, but besides this, this game today between Wesley So and Vishy Anand has to stand out. It was another typical Giuoco Pianissimo but with a twist. There was a triple piece...
FantasticStar vs Magnus Carlsen and the DamnAss  16h10 09 janvier
This game is one of many Magnus Carlsen played online. He went for the unorthodox Scandinavian defence with the black pieces but why did he call himself a damnass and how was FantasticStar? If you enjoy the content of this channel, support it in any way possible. https:
Record Breaking Wesley So But Hardly One To Be Proud Of  20h09 05 janvier
Many GMs including super GMs have broken records time and time again. Bobby Fischer is said to have broken a chess record, Magnus Carlsen had produced the shortest chess game in his career in the 2019 Tata Steel in Kolkata, but Wesley So was the one to have broken yet another record. It’s not by...
The 2020 Chess Calendar  13h53 04 janvier
For every single Chess lover, this is the calendar of this year’s major Chess events.
How Nepo Went Down To Potential World Champ & Rising Superstar Nihal Sarin  13h37 02 janvier
Nihal has not only become famous for achieving his GM title at the age of only 14 but as he grows older, his potential is being unleashed. It doesn’t matter who is up against. In round 16 of the Blitz in the 2019 King Salman Rapid, his opponent was Nepo. This was a three minutes game. His speed and...
King Salman 2019: Firouzja vs Carlsen.The Biggest Controversy Of All Time In An Unbelievable Game  21h53 30 décembre
This game of round 19 between the undisputed world champion Magnus Carlsen and has produced the biggest controversy, not in Russia but across the world. When Alireza had Magnus down to his knees’ begging for mercy, the ending you see here is extremely rare. In order to understand it, you also...
This Is What Happened When Bullet Demon Naka Tried To Derail 16Yr Old Firouzja.  21h45 29 décembre
With the biggest surprise in the King Salman of 2019, Firouzja is the wonder Kid to look out for. Hardly unbeaten in the rapid, the Blitz portion of the games got started and boy Alireza Firouzja was full of surprises. But what happened when he met the bullet Chess Demon Naka himself. Naka was...
King Salman 2019: Firouzja The Biggest Surprise Takes On Mamedyarov  15h38 29 décembre
This youngster of only 16 years of age is the hottest asset In this year’s 2019 King Salman Tournament. Not only he ended second out of 207 participants but he also put to shame anyone who tried to put up a resistance. In this game, he faced up to the likes of Mamedayrov, and in case you have been...
King Salman: Gukesh 1799 & Only 13 Surprises 2501 Rated Carlsson In A shocking Encounter  19h44 28 décembre
If you do not know who Gukesh is, well you have not been keeping up. Gukesh may have a Rapid Elo of only 1799 but he should not be taken lightly. Underestimate him and you will regret it. In this game against Carlsson, Gukesh did come up with some very surprising moves but how did he do overall in...
GM In King Salman Out In Only 13 Moves  13h22 28 décembre
King Salman has it all. With 217 players taking part from all walks of life, this is the ideal tournament Open tournament for everyone who takes part. In this game, and probably one of the shortest one, a GM goes out in just 13 moves. This is the game between Anton vs Aravindh of round 10. If...