Capture your passion with the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan  11h30 18 février
Joseph Green
TL;DR: The Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan is on sale for £8.32 per month, saving you 16% on list price. Anyone with a passion for something creative will know that you lose it if you don’t use it. That’s why it’s so important to find a creative outlet to channel your passion. ...
The Neato D750 robot vacuum is made to tackle pet hair  11h19 18 février
Joseph Green
TL;DR: The Neato D750 Pet Edition robot vacuum is on sale for £429 on Amazon, saving you 52% on list price. We know you love your fluffy friends more than anything, and it’s difficult to accept that they are anything other than perfect, so please don’t freak out when we say that pet...
Riverdale’ star KJ Apa gets a brutal jump scare during ’Ellen’ intervie  10h56 18 février
Sam Haysom
You have to give credit to KJ Apa. Despite the Riverdale star picking up a mug of liquid moments before Ellen pulls her trademark prank on him, he manages not to spill a drop. In the clip above, Apa is almost three minutes into a chat with the host when a man dressed as his onscreen character,...
Pick up this magic Harry Potter bundle for under 10  10h50 18 février
Joseph Green
TL;DR: Harry Potter T-shirt and mug bundles are on sale for £9.99 on Zavvi, saving you up to £13 on list price. Harry Potter merch is always going to be popular with dedicated fans around the world, and if there is anything that you haven’t yet purchased (unlikely), you can now save on...
Here’s 16 minutes of Trevor Noah gleefully cracking jokes about Bernie Sanders  10h38 18 février
Sam Haysom
Trevor Noah may have made a fair few jokes about Bernie Sanders in his time — but you can tell there’s a lot of warmth there, too. Just look at how much The Daily Show host cracks up when rewatching old footage of Sanders calling a little kid dumb (jump to 5:40), and try to tell us Noah...
Lizzo covers Harry Styles’ ’Adore You’ and it’s one hell of a banger  10h34 18 février
Rachel Thompson
Lizzo and Harry Styles are a musical match made in heaven.  By this point, you’ll have likely witnessed Harry’s epic cover of Lizzo’s Juice on BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge. You might have also spotted the dynamic duo take to the stage TOGETHER to perform the same song during Lizzo’s Miami Beach...
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra’s display is near-perfect, says DisplayMate  10h16 18 février
Stan Schroeder
Samsung’s Galaxy S20 Ultra’s 6.9-inch, Dynamic AMOLED display is the best of any smartphone right now, at least according to display specialists at DisplayMate.  It’s hardly surprising; Samsung has been making fantastic OLED display for years. But it appears the company has really pushed the...
Our top 5 eco-friendly luggage picks  10h00 18 février
Dylan Haas
We are a wasteful society. Looking at plastic bag consumption alone, Americans use around 14,000,000,000 plastic bags per year, which in turn require 12 million barrels of oil to manufacture. According to Waste Management, only 1% of those plastic bags are returned for recycling — the rest...
Jake Paul is being called out for saying anxiety ’is created by you’  07h47 18 février
Amanda Yeo
Controversial YouTuber Jake Paul seems to think he has the cure for anxiety all figured out. Pretty much everyone else disagrees. remember anxiety is created by you, the 23-year-old high school dropout tweeted on Monday to his 3.7 million followers, many of whom are children. sometimes you...
Apple’s revenue is taking a hit as coronavirus creates ’supply constraints’ on iPhone  07h06 18 février
Caitlin Welsh
Apple will miss its revenue goals for the quarter thanks to the coronavirus outbreak in China, which continues to have flow-on effects on the world economy. In a statement released Monday, the company revealed that its revenue guidance from the end of January had perhaps been a little too...
Disney release date, price, films, shows, and more for the UK  07h00 18 février
Joseph Green
It has been a tough wait for fans of all things Disney, but Disney is finally coming to the UK, and sooner than we expected. Disney was released in the U.S. on Nov. 12, but has taken several painful months to launch around the rest of the world. We know it has been frustrating, but the end is in...
Watch this very good dog invade a pro soccer match  21h39 17 février
Marcus Gilmer
Everybody loves a good sports dog. The world was particularly blessed on Sunday when a very good dog invaded a Turkish soccer pitch, trying to get in on the action.  📌 Topu baya sürüyor, dikine oynuyor. 8 numaralı arkadaşın bir müdahalesi var,...
Jeff Bezos commits 10 billion to fight climate change  19h30 17 février
Marcus Gilmer
160;Jeff Bezos is donating 10 billion to fight climate change. The Amazon CEO made the announcement in an Instagram post Monday afternoon, saying it’s all part of the new Bezos Earth Fund.  View this post on Instagram Today, I’m thrilled...
Forget foldable phones: Leaked TCL images reveal slide-out screen  18h54 17 février
Marcus Gilmer
We’re still trying to figure out how durable the Galaxy Z Flip and Motorola Razr are but TCL is possibly working on a new style of phone that slides. The report comes from CNET, which published photos of the phone. It initially looks like a regular-sized smartphone but has a second screen that...
Airbus is testing a new aircraft that requires up to 20 percent less fuel  16h52 17 février
(Deleted account)
Flying is bad for the environment and its impact is expected to get even worse in the coming years. It’s vital for aircraft manufacturers to come up with new solutions that reduce aviation’s carbon footprint.  One such project is Airbus’ MAVERIC (Model Aircraft for Validation and...