Welcome to the Jam: Nike Unveils First Space Jam 2’ Sneakers and Jerseys  22h24 22 janvier
Tres Dean
Nike’s LeBron 17 Monstars edition is likely dropping this year. (Photo Credit: SOLE LINKS Twitter) Come on and slam, y’all. Space Jam 2 might not be coming to us until the summer of 2021, but the hype for the movie is officially underway. The sequel to the 90s [&] The post Welcome...
NASA Team Determines Age of World’s Oldest Known Meteor Crater  21h35 22 janvier
Genevieve Scarano
The Yarrabubba meteor crater in Australia, which is 2.229 billion years old, is the oldest known meteor crater on Earth. (Photo Credit: NASA) Major meteor craters are scattered all over Earth, however, their pasts remain a mystery. This is about to change though: A NASA scientist and...
11 Other Star Trek’ Characters Who Deserve Their Own Series  21h04 22 janvier
K. Thor Jensen
Since it premiered, Star Trek has always been an ensemble show. The interaction between crew members is a huge part of what makes the show work, and it’s not surprising that every single [&] The post 11 Other Star Trek’ Characters Who Deserve Their Own Series appeared first on
The Goose Was Loose at the 2020 New York Video Game Awards  20h21 22 janvier
Jordan Minor
image credit: Harold Goldberg NYVGCC I’ve been presenting at the New York Game Awards, put on by the New York Video Games Critics Circle, for a few years now and I’ve always recommended folks tune in (or show [&] The post The Goose Was Loose at the 2020 New York Video Game Awards...
Here’s Everything Coming to Hulu in February 2020  20h05 22 janvier
Genevieve Scarano
High Fidelity’ (Photo Credit: Phillip Caruso Hulu) It’s the middle of winter, and while you’re hitting the slopes, getting ready for Valentine’s Day, or just taking shelter from the cold, why not grab a hot toddy and binge-watch some flicks [&] The post Here’s Everything Coming to...
Netflix Is Making a Witcher’ Anime  19h01 22 janvier
Jordan Minor
One of the things I really appreciate about The Witcher, going all the way back to its literary roots, is how it uses its specifically Eastern European flavor to separate itself from more [&] The post Netflix Is Making a Witcher’ Anime appeared first on
Colossal Carpet Python Caught Devouring Lizard Lunch’ in Australia  17h19 22 janvier
Genevieve Scarano
A carpet python was photographed eating a big meal in a retirement community in Australia. (Photo Credit: Churches of Christ in Queensland Facebook) This probably isn’t something you would like to see while enjoying Australia’s sunny weather& Residents at a Queensland retirement...
Geeksplainer: Yakuza’  17h00 22 janvier
K. Thor Jensen
If you’re in Japan (or have command of the language and a Japanese PSN account), you’re lucky enough to get to play Yakuza: Like A Dragon this week. The eighth game in Sega’s [&] The post Geeksplainer: Yakuza’ appeared first on
Google’s Phone Envelope Is a Digital Detox’  16h42 22 janvier
Jordan Minor
How’s this for a long-term grift. Tech companies have spent over a decade selling us increasingly powerful smartphones, ditching simple sets of physical number buttons in favor of touch screen supercomputers. Every year [&] The post Google’s Phone Envelope Is a Digital Detox’ appeared first on...
Hubble Snaps Paint Blob’ Galaxy From Famous Catalog  16h15 22 janvier
Genevieve Scarano
Hubble’s view of NGC 1803, a paint blob galaxy located about 200 million light-years away from our planet. (Photo Credit: ESA Hubble & NASA, A. Bellini et al.) Hubble recently captured a view of a bright, paint blob galaxy in space with a rich astronomy history. The illuminated...
Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ Season 7 Trailer Hints at Big Things for Darth Maul, Ahsoka, Re  15h48 22 janvier
Michelle Ehrhardt
When Star Wars: The Clone Wars originally ended its TV run on Cartoon Network in its fifth season, it was in the middle of the series’ biggest story arc to date. Darth Maul [&] The post Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ Season 7 Trailer Hints at Big Things for Darth Maul, Ahsoka, Rex appeared first on...
PlayStation 5 vs. Xbox Series X: Everything We Know About Next-Gen Consoles  15h30 22 janvier
Jordan Minor
With new consoles coming later this year, players are naturally going to get desperate for every scrap of information they can find. You might not think that details about the specific ports (that’s [&] The post PlayStation 5 vs. Xbox Series X: Everything We Know About Next-Gen Consoles appeared...
Vote For Your Favorite Mars 2020 Rover Name  14h51 22 janvier
Stephanie Mlot
NASA’s next Mars rover launches in 2020. (Photo Credit: NASA JPL-Caltech) America is in the midst of an important election: Choosing a name for NASA’s next Mars rover. From more than 28,000 Name the Rover essay contest submissions, the U.S. space agency narrowed down [&] The post...
Four New Species of Adorable Walking Sharks’ Discovered  14h18 22 janvier
Stephanie Mlot
Hemiscyllium halmahera (Photo Credit: Mark Erdmann University of Queensland) Get Steven Spielberg on the phone: I’ve got the plot for Jaws 4. Researchers at the University of Queensland discovered four new species of tropical sharks that use their fins to walk. Unfortunately, [&]...
11 Wonder Woman’ Runs You Need To Read  14h00 22 janvier
K. Thor Jensen
It’s shaping up to be a pretty good year for DC’s top female superhero (although she’s seeing a bit of competition from Harley Quinn, of all people) Patty Jenkins’ next Wonder Woman [&] The post 11 Wonder Woman’ Runs You Need To Read appeared first on