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GUNG-HO by Kael Ngu  04h07 23 janvier
Last year I had the opportunity to illustrate four covers for the wonderful Ablaze Publishing, for the series title GUNG-HO written by Benjamin Von Eckartsberg and illustrated by artist Thomas von Kummant. Upon receiving the assets I knew I had to do it, the interior art is just amazing and the...
cityscape sketch by jason scheier  01h29 23 janvier
experimenting with mood in a cityscape sketch
Cartoneros Sci-fi by Alejandro Burdisio  23h59 22 janvier
Congurbano Serie
Houdini Procedural Rock Generation by Steven Skidmore  22h17 22 janvier
Over the last few weeks I’ve been experimenting with doing procedural rock generation in Houdini. This example is a setup that takes a very basic blockout mesh and converts it into a fully textured rock cliff. The cliff itself is fully procedural, including UVs. There are a few different seeds...
Low poly mortar shells by Mario Dalla Bona  21h58 22 janvier
2 and 3-inch British mortars and a US M49A2. 2’’ mortar - 1.648 tris 3’’ mortar - 2.647 tris M49A2 - 2.956 tris 2048 texture set each (normals, albedo and RMA)
3D Shield by Alexandre Martin  21h20 22 janvier
I modeled here a shield under 3dsmax I then imported it under zbrush to add alpha in volume ... and create a low and high poly I then worked the textures under substance painter : ) J’ai modélisé ici un bouclier sous 3dsmax je l’ai ensuite importé sous zbrush pour y ajouter des alpha en...
Blending Megascans Assets In UE4 Tutorial by Jack McKelvie  20h29 22 janvier
https: blog 2020 1 22 blending-megascans-assets-in-ue4 I had the opportunity to write an article with the help of Joseph Downer, Adnan Chaumette, and Wiktor Öhman that covers different techniques we can utilize to blend assets with terrains in Unreal Engine 4. In this tutorial we...
Link House by Geoffrey Ernault  20h13 22 janvier
Made this little Link house design last week, had so much fun doing it Tried to fit in as much little fun stuff as I could. Figured it’d be super fun to jump out that very slim top tower going up the spiral stair case and then glide away, or shield-surf off the roof tops.
Doom Whisperer by Igor Krstic  20h05 22 janvier
My first MTG card done for Guilds of Ravnica. I want to say thank you to art director Ovidio Cartagena for amazing guidelines, it would not look like this without him So proud
Templemer by Daniel Veres  20h02 22 janvier
Some EEVEE fun.
Twilight by Olga Orlova  19h09 22 janvier
Cthulhu in digital oil by Andy Walsh  18h31 22 janvier
This is the first in a series of paintings I’ll be doing in the Cthulhu world but in the style of an early 20th century oil painter (lots of influence from Grimshaw). I’m imagining a coastal town in England where a Cthulhu cult emerged either prior to or in parallel with the Innsmouth story and set...
Soldier and Dog by Ariel Perez  18h08 22 janvier
Space Marine Codex cover by paul dainton  17h14 22 janvier
Flesh doodle by Keos masons Cedric Seaut  16h09 22 janvier keosmasons keosmasons KeosMasons