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Here’s How Google’s Ultimate Account Protection Works, and Why You Might Need It  14h10 21 février
David Nield
There are the standard ways you can protect your Google account choosing a strong password, setting up two-factor authentication (2FA) and then there’s the top tier, the Advanced Protection Program. It’s designed to be the ultimate in account security, and we’ll explain here how to enable it, and...
The Best AirPods Tips and Tricks to Boost Your Listening  14h13 19 février
David Nield
The Apple AirPods and their successors have been huge hits for Apple but are you making the most out of your pair? We present to you some of the tricks and features you might not have come across yet from using your AirPods as a remote listening system to sharing audio between two pairs of earbuds,...
How Location Tracking Works on Your Phone in 2020  15h00 17 février
David Nield
How phones track location is changing - if you’ve upgraded to the latest Android 10 or iOS 13 updates, you may have noticed more prompts around what apps can do with data about your whereabouts. Here’s what those new prompts mean, and how you can get your phone’s location tracking settings set up...
Profiles Are Your Browser’s Powerful Hidden Feature, and Here’s How to Use Them  16h20 11 février
David Nield
You may think you know your browser pretty well at this stage, but there’s one very powerful feature that doesn’t get a lot of attention, and that you might have overlooked: User profiles. If you’re on Chrome, Edge or Firefox, they can make a real difference to how you get your web browsing done...
The Best Apps for Customizing Your Android Phone  15h00 10 février
David Nield
One of the reasons for choosing Android over iOS is the extra customization options you get you can really dive deep when it comes to tweaking the appearance of Android, pixel-by-pixel, and there are a huge number of apps around to help. Make use of some or all of these to give your Android device...
At Long Last, Our Netflix Autoplay Nightmare Is Over  21h08 06 février
Alex Cranz
Netflix hasn’t killed autoplaying videos entirely, but in a tweet today it announced the ability to at least turn off the autoplay trailers and next episode features .Read more...
The Best Apps to Help You Get to Sleep  13h46 05 février
David Nield
You may well use your phone to help you get out of bed in the morning, but have you tried using it to get to sleep? A plethora of apps are ready and waiting to bathe your bedroom in all kinds of music and sounds, and many of them come with a built-in sleep timer that means you don’t have to leave...
Why All the Smart Home Platforms Suck and How They’re Going to Fix Them  14h03 04 février
David Nield
If you buy a smart home device right now, it’s more than likely it’ll work with Amazon Alexa, or Google Assistant, or maybe even both but while these digital assistants are adding a layer of convenience on top of a living space full of sensors and gadgets, they aren’t really the smart home...
How to Customize the Gestures on Your Android Phone  14h30 03 février
David Nield
The way that you get around Google-powered phones is changing, with Android 10 ushering in a new button-less, iPhone-esque gestures approach for going back, going home, and bringing up recent apps with swipes. Fortunately if you don’t like this evolution in Android navigation, you do have options...
How to Measure Almost Anything Using Your Phone  13h30 31 janvier
David Nield
Your phone can do it all. It’s a portable music player, diary, digital camera, communication device, calculator, and just about everything else. But you might not have considered that it can also replace your measuring tape. With the right sensors on board and the right apps installed, you can...
How to Video Capture Everything That Happens on Your Computer Screen  14h40 29 janvier
David Nield
Being able to record your computer screen can be useful for all kinds of reasons from streaming your gaming exploits to the world, to showing your parents how to turn on their antivirus software and there are numerous ways of going about it. These are the top software and hardware options to...
How to Switch Over to Microsoft Edge Now That It’s Actually Good  19h10 27 janvier
David Nield
In case you haven’t heard, Microsoft Edge is back: The rebooted, revamped, and rebuilt program is now based on the same Chromium engine as Google Chrome and a variety of other browsers, and Microsoft has taken the opportunity to streamline and tidy up the application at the same time. Here’s how to...
Get Your Ebooks From the Library, Dummy  15h00 25 janvier
Caitlin McGarry
Public libraries are a national treasure that few people seem to appreciate anymore, but I am here to tell you that you are ignoring a precious resource because these bastions of socialism don’t just have free books. They have free ebooks. We’ve definitely preached the benefits of library ebooks...
3 of the Most Common Mobile Scams and How to Stop Them  15h14 24 janvier
David Nield
Our phones carry so much of our lives these days our social networks, access to our banks, home security apps that keeping them safe and protected is of paramount importance. These are three of the most common ways your phone can be hacked, and how to stop them.Read more...
How to Build Alternative, Better, Social Media Feeds  14h09 22 janvier
David Nield
If you can scroll through your social media feeds without coming across at least a handful of posts you’d rather not have seen, consider yourself in the minority. Most of us deal with this on a near-daily basis. But mass unfollowing people friends, colleagues, family members isn’t always an option....