Wordpress TV
Adrián Cobo: Haz un tema en WordPress (o al menos entiende como funcionan)  09h04 12 février
En esta sesión veremos que tipos de tema hay y la estructura básica que siguen todos. Sabà as que dependiendo el tipo de información que consultes WP ya sabe que fichero elegir? Veremos esa jerarquà a y algunas buenas prácticas. Pierde el miedo a los ficheros que estan dentro de wp-content...
Jordi Sala: Copias de seguridad, tu salvavidas  13h45 11 février
Las copias de seguridad son un elemento indispensable en cualquier sistema informático. Una copia de seguridad completa puede ayudarnos a mantener nuestro sitio web protegido contra catástrofes y desastres donde podrà amos perder información. En esta sesión vamos a aprender cómo realizar...
Atanas Angelov: Webpack   04h31 11 février
Monique Dubbelman: Why you Should Learn How to Code, even if you don’t Fancy a Coding Career  04h27 11 février
This year, Monique took the challenge of #100DaysOfCode. But why? Is she new to code? Does she need to learn code as a designer in the first place? And what does it behold? Is it a fixed format? In this talk, she’ll explain what #100DaysOfCode is and why she took the challenge. She also...
Victor Ramirez, Meagan Hanes, Andy McIlwain: Grow Your Meetup   04h23 11 février
GROW YOUR MEETUP This workshop will cover how to grow an established meetup and will cover popular main topics: Marketing: Tactics for how to grow your meetup size and how to advertise attract potential sponsors and other surrounding meetups. Formats & Creative Ideas: What formats and ideas...
Sjoerd Blom: Opening Remarks WordCamp Utrecht 2018  04h16 11 février
Opening Remarks WCUT2018
Marcel Bootsman: Raising funds for the community while walking to Berlin  04h14 11 février
Now this is a story all about how my life got flipped turned upside down. And I’d like to take a minute, and before we’ll begin, I’ll tell you how I got the idea to walk to Berlin.
Annemarie Janse: It’s Just Shaving Foam - Why Borders aren’t Limiting you  04h10 11 février
For long I was dreaming of starting my own business and traveling a lot. But I had to pay my monthly mortgage, loved the security of a permanent contract and thought that a comfortable house was essential to live a happy life. Until I dared to leave everything behind, start my own business as a...
Karen Foo: So you have an email list, now what?  03h59 11 février
Structure: -Intro: A thing is useless if you don’t use it. -I’m subscribed to 600 lists. Here’s what I’ve noticed. -You want to build trust and do something to turn your leads into customers. Here’s how to connect with your audience. -Overview of the first 5 emails to write and when to send...
Andrew Killen: Choosing the right hosting for you...  03h57 11 février
Understanding the types of hosting available, what their perils and pitfalls are as well as their benefits. With the eventual endpoint being that the viewer can choose great hosting that suits them without fear.
Stephen Tredrea: Themeless WordPress  12h14 10 février
He is a multidimensional octopus with WordPress coloured ink and tentacles across the full stack. As a enthusiastic and slightly opinionated rule breaker he is inspired to make WordPress easy His session will guide us to: Themes are dead, long live the theme Creating a themeless’ WordPress...
Ankit Sheth: Journey from E-Commerce to Voice Commerce  12h14 10 février
His session will guide us to: With the advancement of voice technology, the era of search technology over the internet is also varying. Nowadays, people have already preferred to use voice search technology as their primary mode of doing online searches. Voice technology is already creating a lot...
Birgit Olzem: How your mental health (issues) affects your creativity  12h00 10 février
At the end of 2000, I first became acquainted with the internet and I had no idea back then that a mother of 5 and grandmother of 1 could have built a successful life that literally saved my own. For the last fifteen years, I’m proud to say that WordPress, and it’s thriving community, has been a...
Rian Rietveld: Accessibility Testing, Tools and Workflow  10h16 10 février
If you are a theme, plugin or core developer designer you need to test your work for accessibility errors, but how to do this and what are the guidelines to follow? In this talk I will give you an overview of useful test tools, how to use them and how to integrate testing your development workflow...
Chris Wiegman: WordPress 5 and the Future: How Technology and Community Can Build the Future of WordPress  10h15 10 février
With the release of WordPress 5.0 imminent the future of WordPress is brighter than ever. From personal blogs to the enterprise new capabilities and new ways to approach the WordPress platform are helping users of all sizes to make the most of the technology and their careers. This talk will...