Strength Project : video
Oddly Satisfying Talents of the World Videos  04h38 30 novembre
Oddly Satisfying Talents of the World Videos
Jennifer Abel Canadian Diver Strength Conditioning Calisthenics Bodyweight Diving Workout Motivation  04h16 24 mars
Canadian diver Jennifer Abel showcasing her training which consists of bodyweight calisthenics, gymnastics, strengthening, and acrobatic specific training. Jennifer Abels’ best dives and training footage, and videos from - 1m Springboard Final - Commonwealth Games - GlasgowFemale. ...
Superhuman Female Calisthenics Bodyweight Fitness Motivation Russian R3d Street Workout Women  01h33 23 mars
This woman is amazing Known as Russian R3d Red. Check her planche More motivation videos from Russian R3d: https: watch?v xivTYcGU9Fs Russian R3ds real name is Jessica Bogdanov. Shoutout to barstarzz as I see her wearing the pants. Accomplishments and skills Pole Dancer ...
BBoy Luka of Brazil Amazing bodyweight breakdance strength training   22h45 19 mars
Bboy Luka of Brazil is an amazing breakdancer from Sao Paulo Brazil. He competed in Red Bull BC One. His skills include dance, acrobatics, capoeira and being amazing Follow him LUKA ( bboyluka) on Instagram
Real Life Ninja High Energy Martial Arts Tricker Shaquan Parson Tricking  21h38 18 mars
Martial Arts Tricker Shaquan Parson is an amazing all around athlete. He currently plays college Football but also trains in Martial Arts tricking #Tricking #MartialArts #Tricker
Funniest Superhuman Freerunner Pasha the Boss Pashatheboss instagram highlights  05h11 18 mars
Pasha the Boss is an incredible freerunner and thinks out side the box When moves get old, Pasha finds creative ways to not only make you laugh but also be amazed with his physical abilities and stunts. His videos have gone viral on Instagram and Pasha continues to do amazing work with Red Bull. ...
Amazing Female Bodyweight Strength Calisthenics Compilation  01h30 18 mars
These women have crazy strength Amazing Female Bodyweight Strength Calisthenics Compilation. A variety of circus skills, hand balancing and partner stunts. Instagram: ludmila.soboleva #Calisthenics #Bodyweight #CrossFit
Female Fitness Motivation Instagram Women Gina Marie, Britt Hertz, Demi Bagby  00h30 17 mars
Bodyweight, calisthenics and gymnastics skills Female Fitness Motivation Skilled Instagram Women. Gina Marie, Britt Hertz, Demi Bagby
Amazing Capoeira Skills Aranha CDO Brazilian Martial Arts   01h23 16 mars
A compilation of Professor Aranha CDO capoeira #Capoeira #BrazilianMartialArts #Brazil
Female Capoeira Motivation- Brazilian Martial Arts Women  23h44 14 mars
Female Capoeira Motivation- Brazilian Martial Arts Women These girls are skilled #Capoeira #MartialArtsWomen #WomensFitness Andorinha, Pimenta Capoeira, Borrachinha, Betania Flores
Capoeira meets Breakdancing- BBoy Neguin Compilation Best of  20h55 11 février
We’ve had the privilege to work Neguin, and he is such an awesome humble individual. Hope to work with him again. Enjoy this capoeira compilaion He is Awesome
Age is just a number Chinese Park 60, 90 years young...  03h12 09 janvier
Incredible talent at a chinese park with individuals from age 60-90.
Alseny Red Highlights  02h30 05 janvier
Explosive Acrobatics Inside Small Hotel Room PT 3 Capoeira Topazio   02h30 30 décembre
Gravity dest 2  02h30 27 décembre