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ZX Spectrum Next full production should start in the coming weeks  00h06 18 juillet
Vintage is the new old --- Paulo
All the NEXT backers have received today an email full of good news. The new keyboard was already tested and approved by the manufacturer and is on its way to UK for the stamp of approval...
ZeusDaz --- Zeusdaz - The Unemulated Retro Game Channel
The Sixty Ninth challenge video where me and Mutant Catterpillar test each other skills and wind each other up,...but all in good fun and jest :-D This time I try to beat his Split Personalities challenge on the ZX Spectrum, did I succeed or fail ? , and see :- My new challenge for him is...
Would you take on the Worst Ever Super Mario Level ?  16h01 17 juillet
Funstock retro --- Jonny Lupton
Gamer Creates Super Mario Level From Hell Using Mario Maker 2 Super Mario can be hard sometimes. We all get flustered, miss a jump, run into a Goomba or two. And don’t even mention the jellyfish... Then there were the Lost Levels, complete with poisonous mushrooms, wind effects and incredibly...
Upcoming Streets of Rage 4 features legendary OST line up   15h35 17 juillet
Indie retro news --- (Indie Retro News)
The news is spreading far and wide and that has come as no surprise to us, as just moments ago the publisher Dotemu and developers Lizardcube and Guard Crush Games have announced that Streets of Rage 4; an all-new continuation of SEGA’s iconic arcade brawler series known for its kick ass tunes,...
Games that made you say I give up   14h07 17 juillet
Retrogaming Roundtable --- gbpxl
I honestly try to beat every game I like. But I tend to give up after X amount of tries. Either a game sends me back too far to the last checkpoint...
Turok Game Series (N64, GBC, PC, 360, PS3)  01h51 17 juillet
Retrogaming Roundtable --- Nz17
Which games in the Turok series have you played ? Owned ? Opinions ?
Commodore 16 Repair by Jan Beta  19h06 16 juillet
Vintage is the new old --- Kitty
If you are into old computers, particularly Commodore, you will have heard of Jan Beta. Jan has a fantastic You Tube channel with many informative videos, discussing repair of Vintage Computers and Electronics. His latest offering specifically...
Oh No Not More Radioactive Mineshafts  17h44 16 juillet
Atari Crypt --- (Atari Crypt)
Not since Rumbo or Hector vs The Mutant Vampire Tomatoes From Hell have I loved a game’s title more. I mean, come on, Oh No Not More Radioactive Mineshafts - fantastic This is a catch ’em style game released by Breakpoint Software for the Atari STe and, once again, the ’PD’ world comes up trumps...
Dandy 7 D - Fine and Dandy bug fixed C64 release from Hokuto Force  16h47 16 juillet
Indie retro news --- (Indie Retro News)
If you’re looking for a new(ish) C64 game to play, then you might be interested in playing Hokuto Force’s latest bug fixed offering in Electric Dreams 1986 game of ’ Dandy ’. This game released all those years ago much to the excitement of dungeon hacking fans, and in a similar vane to Gauntlet,...
Atari 400 Repair  09h15 16 juillet
Tynemouth Software --- (Dave Curran)
Every now and then, I get a message along the line of ’I’ve just installed your upgrade in my broken computer and it is still broken’ (also sometimes phrased as ’I just installed your upgrade in my untested machine and now it is broken’). I offer to help where I can. In this case, it was one of my...
Angel Zero  00h00 16 juillet
A8 Atari XL XE
Album of the Year Your favourite Atari 8-bit musician Poison (aka Allmighty World Dominators) released his newest album Angel Zero
Banjo-Boy entered the scene  22h00 15 juillet
Commodore 64 Scene : news
Noplan joined Hokuto Force as Musician  22h00 15 juillet
Commodore 64 Scene : news
Minor Jumper [german]  22h00 15 juillet
Commodore 64 Scene : database
Released by: Orko Soft 1987 Type: C64 Game Download Discuss
Wizard of PETSCII - Alea iacta est  22h00 15 juillet
Commodore 64 Scene : database
Released by: Hokuto Force Type: C64 Graphics Download Discuss