5 Chess Players Who Should Get Posthumous Grandmaster Title  21h41 12 janvier
I recently stumbled upon the following question on Quora: If you could posthumously award an honorary Grandmaster title to five chess players currently not holding title, who would you pick and why? I thought this was a fantastic question. It immediately got me thinking. I considered it a perfect...
Croatia Bulldogs Website Official Release  19h08 02 janvier
Hi all We are extremely happy to announce that, starting from today, the official website of the Croatia Bulldogs Pro Chess League team is officially launched. Here you can find out everything about our team, follow our latest results, find out information about our upcoming matches, check the...
5 Best Chess Books I Read in 2019 (And Another 13 Chess Book Reviews)  14h50 31 décembre
In this post, I will reflect on the chess books I read in 2019. You can find a similar post about non-chess books on my other blog Popsychle. The Year Of Sosonko In 2019, I read 18 chess books. To be completely honest, this number is somewhat lower than I expected it to be at the beginning of the...
Cheating in chess: A history  16h56 06 août
Cover photo credit: Eneada, DeviantArt) Introduction Everyone who has ever played a game of chess on the Internet knows that there is a major problem is plaguing the chess world. Cheating in chess. Every now and then, we all run into someone who doesn’t have official FIDE rating, plays suspicious...
Keep It Simple: 1 d4 Chessable Course: An Honest Review  16h46 15 juillet
This review assumes the reader is familiar with Chessable and their concept If you don’t know what Chessable is, or you don’t know how exactly it works, I recommend reading this introductory post to Chessable first INTRODUCTION A couple of weeks ago, I listened to the 120th episode of the Perpetual...
Is Chessable all it’s cracked up to be? An honest review  16h46 15 juillet
Introduction In the digital era, new technological solutions and applications that shape the modern world appear on an almost daily basis. Chess as a field is no exception. Over the last couple of years, several interesting start-ups, offering unique technical solutions and previously non-existing...