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How whisper networks’ can help you leverage negotiating and your career  20h48 23 février
Aliza Licht
When Lauren McGoodwin, founder and CEO of the career site Career Contessa, got an offer to speak at a conference without being paid a speaking fee, she texted her five-person whisper network a group of professionals who help each other with industry information and learning to grow their...
Do I really have to report all my cash earnings to Uncle Sam?  20h23 23 février
Greg Giangrande
You never write about people like me who cobble together a living performing different jobs like dog walking and tending bar while looking for a full-time job. Most of these involve cash income, and I barely make enough to make ends meet. Do I have to report the money from all these part-time jobs?...
New Zealand surfer fends off great white shark with punch to eye  17h41 23 février
Aaron Feis
They’re gonna need a bigger swear jar. A New Zealand surfer fended off a great white shark by punching it in the eye and yelling at it to F k off, according to a report. Nick Minogue, 60, was catching some waves off of Pauanui Beach on the North Island around 11:30 a.m. Saturday when he...
Baby Yoda busting out at Toy Fair New York  23h38 22 février
Dean Balsamini, Rosemary Misdary
What’s cute, green and everywhere you look at Toy Fair? Adorable little Baby Yoda the breakout star of the Disney streamer The Mandalorian, has stolen the hearts of Star Wars fans across the galaxy and soon will bombard those fans with countless products. The 117th annual Toy Fair New York...
Cambodian sisters who thought the other was dead reunite after 47 years  22h47 22 février
Paula Froelich
Bun Sen, 98, had been living near the notorious Stung Meanchey dump in Phnom Penh, since losing her husband during the Pol Pot and Khmer Rouge’s reign of terror in the 1970s.
You can buy’ this guy’s NYC luxe life for 11,000  22h10 22 février
Zachary Kussin
Bored with your life? One former New Yorker will let you take over his for 11,000. Artist David Art Wales, 56, has created, where he is selling the lease to his one-bedroom Manhattan apartment, a dossier of his favorite restaurants and what to order, recommendations for doctors and...
Sharpshooters to kill non-native goats in Grand Teton National Park  22h06 22 février
Paula Froelich
A disputed effort to help native bighorn sheep in Grand Teton National Park was scheduled to start Friday with a helicopter buzzing over rugged peaks with sharpshooters aboard tasked with killing non-native mountain goats. Park officials closed off a large portion of the Teton Range to the public...
The AOC Tapes: Here’s what rep and pals think about Flamin’ Hot Cheetos  21h53 22 février
Jon Levine
Spicy Cheetos or mild? That was the question Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez attempted to answer during a lengthy Facebook Live video posted in late 2016. The footage was recorded during a road trip AOC took with her friends Maria Swisher and Joshua Pereira to the Standing Rock Indian Reservation protests...
15th Century children’s etiquette book tells kids not to be greedy with cheese  20h36 22 février
Paula Froelich
Medieval children also needed to be warned not to go digging for gold, not to mention not to hog the cheese and, of course, burp like you have a bean in your throat.
West Side Story’ actress on falling in love every night’ on Broadwa  20h15 22 février
Barbara Hoffman
Just 12 hours after weeping over the lifeless body of her onstage lover, Shereen Pimentel was back at Juilliard, studying French vocal literature. It’s all in a day’s work for the multitasking Maria of Broadway’s new West Side Story. Now 21, she’s closing in on a Bachelor of Music degree while...
Miami’s aggressive, pooping peacocks to be relocated  19h58 22 février
Paula Froelich
The colorful birds have been a staple of the area for almost two decades, but after years of regenerating, their population has run amok.
Murdered JFK lover Mary Pinchot Meyer is revived in two new books  18h40 22 février
Mackenzie Dawson
Fiction has always taken a fancy to the Kennedys and anyone associated with them. This season, two novels reimagine the world of Mary Pinchot Meyer, a celebrated beauty best known for her affair with John F. Kennedy.
How a sorority girl ended up taking down the world’s most notorious terrorists  18h34 22 février
Rachelle Bergstein
Tracy Walder arrived at the University of Southern California in 1996, and rushed Delta Gamma soon after. For the studious yet bubbly Southern California native, the Greek system provided a built-in social life and a place where she happily blended into the crowd of slim, pretty blondes. She...
How Colin O’Brady crossed the world’s most unforgiving place in 54 days  18h07 22 février
Larry Getlen
Adventurer Colin O’Brady felt like his hands were being crushed. It was his 48th day trudging through Antarctica, attempting to become the first person ever to walk the 930 miles from one end of the continent to the other completely unassisted. But battling through a particularly nasty storm, the...
Don’t buy China’s story: The coronavirus may have leaked from a lab  16h18 22 février
Steven W. Mosher
At an emergency meeting in Beijing held last Friday, Chinese leader Xi Jinping spoke about the need to contain the coronavirus and set up a system to prevent similar epidemics in the future. A national system to control biosecurity risks must be put in place to protect the people’s health, Xi...