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Ed Brubaker & seanpphillips’ original graphic novel PULP gets a...  05h37 23 janvier
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Ed Brubaker & seanpphillips’ original graphic novel PULP gets a trailer in comic book form check it out over at CBR http: VVAT50y2HFH
Legend of Korra: Ruins of The Empire Part 1  05h02 23 janvier
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Posted by: tripodeca11324 out of 72 pagesThe art for this comic was done by Michelle Wong, but when I tried to post this the following message came up Adding this tag would exceed your maximum of 5000 tags. You will not be able to add new tags until you delete 1 existing tag. Sorry Wong...( Read...
DC The Warlord #29 - Reviews  05h00 23 janvier
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Return of the Gladiator Script: Mike Grell Pencils: Mike Grell Inks: Vince Colletta Colors: Adrienne Roy Letters: Ben Oda Cover price: 40 Cover art: Mike Grell (pencils inks) Synopsis: While riding his horse, Morgan comes across the scene of a slaughter & Continue reading ’
DC Dollar Comics Batman #497- Knightfall. - Review  04h54 23 janvier
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Review: Dollar Comics- Batman #497 Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers Writer: Doug Moench Artist: Jim Aparo Colorist: Adrienne Roy Letterer: Richard Starkings Reviewed by: Peter Gaudioso Summary Just returning from a night out with the cowl, an utterly exhausted Bruce Wayne is...
Batman Beyond #40 review  04h49 23 janvier
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If it weren’t so similar to previous issues, Batman Beyond #40 would more successfully set a course for the series to proceed. Ever since Batwoman’s introduction, Jurgens’ scripts follow a very similar template. Batwoman saves the day in some inconsequential set piece, Bruce and Matt stand around...
WandaVision Writer Megan McDonnell Hired To Script Captain Marvel 2  04h34 23 janvier
Marvel Studios is officially moving forward with Captain Marvel 2 by hiring screenwriter Megan McDonnell to handle the script. The post WandaVision Writer Megan McDonnell Hired To Script Captain Marvel 2 appeared first on SuperHeroHype.
Through the Ages   04h15 23 janvier
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This is also how I feel when I see pics of my high school days. I was once young and full of energy and now I’m just greying with an odd expression on my face&
Superman Homepage Caption Contest  04h01 23 janvier
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Welcome to the Superman Homepage Caption Contest The rules are simple. Just click on the Comments link below to leave a caption for the following image. Leave as many captions as you can think of, ... The post Superman Homepage Caption Contest appeared first on Superman Homepage.
Major Roles Cast for Superman vs Doomsday Fan Film  04h00 23 janvier
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The roles of Superman Clark Kent and Lois Lane have been cast for the big budget Superman vs Doomsday fan film we recently reported on. Joshua Boultinghouse, best known as the official town Superman of Metropolis, ... The post Major Roles Cast for Superman vs Doomsday Fan Film appeared first...
Fan Ratings for Crisis on Infinite Earths Poll Results  04h00 23 janvier
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In the latest Superman Homepage Member Poll we asked you the following question: What did you think of the Crisis on Infinite Earths TV crossover? For all the grumbling I’ve seen in the comments and ... The post Fan Ratings for Crisis on Infinite Earths Poll Results appeared first on...
Far Sector #3 Review  03h16 23 janvier
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Writer: Jemisin Artist: Campbell DC Comics Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be ... The post Far Sector #3 Review appeared first on Black Nerd Problems.
New Guardians of the Galaxy #1 Trailer Released  02h50 23 janvier
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Marvel Comics has released an official trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy #1, released this week from writer Al Ewing and artist Juann Cabal. Ewing and company take over the cosmic reins from the wildly popular writer Donny Cates, and they are hoping to bring the same kind of unexpected brilliance...
WANDAVISION Writer in Talks For CAPTAIN MARVEL 2, Which Will Take Place in Present Day  02h29 23 janvier
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CAPTAIN MARVEL made over 1 billion worldwide so a sequel is inevitable.But the question is... when?According to THR, CAPTAIN MARVEL 2 is targeting a 2022 release with Marvel Studios’ Disney series WANDAVISION writer Megan McDonnell in talks to write it. Directors of the first film, Anna Boden and...
Captain Marvel 2 in Development for 2022 Release with New Director & Writer  02h25 23 janvier
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Captain Marvel 2 in Development for 2022 Release with New Director & Writer Article https: heat-vision captain-marvel-2-movie-works-wandavision-writer-1272259 The CBC (Comic Book Cast) is an online geek culture community. Our mission is to deliver content that helps...
Marvel Comics The Good The Bad & The Flooding  02h15 23 janvier
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Talking about Marvel Comics. The Good The Bad & The Ugly Thank You For Watching To Support Old Man Comics & Commission A Video https: ilovecomics https: englentinefromilove... THANK YOU TO OUR PATRONS TODD VANDERPOOL COMIX DIVISION VARIOUS COMIC BOOM POPESIZE...