HyperX ChargePlay Clutch review A comfortable Nintendo Switch battery case  23h31 21 février
Jeff Grubb
The HyperX ChargePlay Clutch is a high-quality accessory for increasing the battery life and comfort of the original Nintendo Switch.
Google launches TensorFlow library for optimizing fairness constraints  22h21 21 février
Khari Johnson
Google today released TensorFlow Constrained Optimization, a library aimed at addressing issues related to measuring multiple metrics and fairness.
The RetroBeat: Why I switched from physical game collecting to digital  22h02 21 février
Mike Minotti
OPINION: A few years ago, I started building up my collection of classic consoles and games. This was sparked in equal parts by nostalgia, finding some of my original cartridges in my parents’ basement, and the convenient opening of a local store that sold retro games. But after a few years of...
Microsoft’s CodeBERT ingests public GitHub repositories to help you find code  21h15 21 février
Kyle Wiggers
Researchers at Microsoft Research Asia trained a natural language model to search for code in a large data set with state-of-the-art performance.
Rogue Lords is a turn-based roguelike where you play as the Devil  21h01 21 février
Mike Minotti
Nacon announced Rogue Lords today, a new turn-based roguelike that is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC this fall.
The VR world doesn’t need 4 Vive Cosmos headsets or 2 Proton glasses  20h32 21 février
Jeremy Horwitz
HTC is rapidly becoming the poster child for too much choice, as the six new VR headsets revealed this week will only confuse potential customers.
Pokémon-like MMO Temtem surpasses 500,000 copies sold  20h30 21 février
Jeff Grubb
Temtem is like a Pokémon MMO, and it turns out that the thirst for that game is real. Developer Crema revealed Temtem has surpassed 500,000 copies sold.
ProBeat: AI is helping Microsoft rethink Office for mobile  18h30 21 février
Emil Protalinski
Most of the new features in Office for Android and iOS fundamentally require AI and machine learning. Coincidence? I think not.
Population Zero starts its sci-fi MMO adventure on May 5  17h20 21 février
Mike Minotti
Enplex Games announced today that its upcoming sci-fi MMO Population Zero will launch on Steam Early Access on May 5.
AI Weekly: Why a slow movement for machine learning could be a good thing  17h15 21 février
Kyle Wiggers
Members of the AI research community suggest a ’slow movement’ -- and perhaps a moratorium on papers -- to combat the pervasive push for results.
DSP Concepts raises 14.5 million for audio algorithm design tools  16h00 21 février
Kyle Wiggers
DSP Concepts, a startup offering audio algorithm design tools to help companies reduce development time, has raised 14.5 million.
The DeanBeat: We don’t get to celebrate games enough  16h00 21 février
Dean Takahashi
Games are attacked for a variety of political and ulterior motives. We should celebrate gaming, which has surpassed the movie and music revenues combined.
Flying taxi startup Volocopter raises 40 million and touts potential IPO  11h50 21 février
Paul Sawers
Volocopter, a German company that’s developing autonomous air taxis, has raised 40 million and hinted at its future IPO plans.
Twitter tests community moderation that lets users flag politicians’ lies  11h18 21 février
Twitter is testing a new approach that would let users identify misleading information from public figures and add brightly colored labels under the tweets.
ILM reveals how it used Unreal Engine for The Mandalorian’  00h49 21 février
Jeff Grubb
ILM used Epic Games’ Unreal Engine to create virtual sets for ’The Mandalorian.’ This enables filmmakers to capture visual effects in camera.