How the Female Scientist Who Discovered the Greenhouse Gas Effect Was Forgotten by History  15h00 22 janvier
Josh Jones
In the early 19th century, Aristotle’s Meteorologica still guided scientific ideas about the climate. The model sprang from the ancient Greek concept of klima, as Ian Beacock writes at The Atlantic, a static scheme that divided the hemispheres into three fixed climatic bands: polar cold,...
When Salvador Dali Met Sigmund Freud, and Changed Freud’s Mind About Surrealism (1938)  12h00 22 janvier
Josh Jones
The close associations between Surrealism and Freudian psychoanalysis were liberally encouraged by the most famous proponent of the movement, Salvador Dalà , who considered himself a devoted follower of Freud. We don’t have to wonder what the founder of psychoanalysis would have thought of his self...
The First Real Museum of Philosophy Prepares to Launch: See the Museo della Filosofia in Milan  09h00 22 janvier
Colin Marshall
You’ve almost certainly been to more art museums than you can remember, and more than likely to a few museums of natural history, science, and technology as well. But think hard: have you ever set foot inside a museum of philosophy? Not just an exhibition dealing with philosophers or philosophical...
Introducing The Radiohead Public Library: Radiohead Makes Their Full Catalogue Available via a Free Online Web Site  17h58 21 janvier
Josh Jones
Radiohead remained relevant longer than any of their peers not only because they adapted to technological change but because they’ve just as often been a force behind it, whether musically or otherwise. Yet when it comes to their release strategies, we might call them increasingly conservative-...
Can You Spot Liars Through Their Body Language? A Former FBI Agent Breaks Down the Clues in Non-Verbal Communication  15h00 21 janvier
Colin Marshall
Can you spot a liar? We all know people who think they can, and very often they claim to be able to do so by reading body language. Clearing one’s throat, touching one’s mouth, crossing one’s arms, looking away: these and other such gestures, they say, indicate on the part of the speaker a...
The Neuroscience of Drumming: Researchers Discover the Secrets of Drumming & The Human Brain  12h00 21 janvier
Josh Jones
An old musician’s joke goes there are three kinds of drummers in the world those who can count and those who can’t. But perhaps there is an even more global divide. Perhaps there are three kinds of people in the world those who can drum and those who can’t. Perhaps, as the promotional video...
Drunk History Takes on the Father of Prohibition: The Ban on Alcohol in the U.S. Started 100 Years Ago This Month  09h00 21 janvier
Josh Jones
There may be plenty of good reasons to restrict sales and limit promotion of alcohol. You can search the stats on traffic fatalities, liver disease, alcohol-related violence, etc. and you’ll find the term epidemic come up more than once. Yet even with all the dangers alcohol poses to public...
Fellini’s Fantastic TV Commercials for Barilla, Campari & More: The Italian Filmmaker Was Born 100 Years Ago Today  19h57 20 janvier
Mike Springer
To help celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of the great Italian filmmaker Federico Fellini, we present a series of lyrical television advertisements made during the final decade of his life. In 1984, when he was 64 years old, Fellini agreed to make a miniature film featuring Campari, the...
A Medical Student Creates Intricate Anatomical Embroideries of the Brain, Heart, Lungs & More  15h00 20 janvier
Ayun Halliday
My first thought upon seeing the delicate, anatomy-based work of the 23-year-old embroidery artist and medical student Emmi Khan was that the Girl Scouts must have expanded the categories of skills eligible for merit badges. (If memory serves, there was one for embroidery, but it certainly didn’t...
Watch Hunter S. Thompson & Ralph Steadman Head to Hollywood in a Revealing 1978 Documentary  15h00 20 janvier
Ted Mills
In 1978, Hollywood was looking to make a film about Hunter S. Thompson. No, it was not an adaptation of Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas--that would come later. Instead, this was the now-almost-forgotten Bill Murray vehicle Where the Buffalo Roam, which was based on Thompson’s obituary for his friend...
How to Draw Like an Architect: An Introduction in Six Videos  09h00 20 janvier
Colin Marshall
That we pass through life without really perceiving our surroundings has long been a commonplace. How can we cure ourselves of this regrettable condition? Before we can learn to notice more of what’s around us, we must have a process to test how much we already notice. Many artists and all...
Hear Christopher Tolkien (RIP) Read the Work of His Father J.R.R. Tolkien, Which He Tirelessly Worked to Preserve  20h00 17 janvier
Colin Marshall
J.R.R. Tolkien is responsible for the existence of Middle-earth, the richly realized fictional setting of the Lord of the Rings novels. But he also did his bit for the existence of the much less fictional Christopher Tolkien, his third son as well as, in J.R.R.’s own words, his chief critic and...
The Anti-Conformist, Libertarian Philosophy That Shaped Rush’s Classic Albums  15h00 17 janvier
Josh Jones
Throughout their career, Rush have been proudly anti-conformist and anti-authoritarian, notes the Polyphonic video on recently departed drummer and lyricist Neil Peart, above. This philosophy is clearly reflected in many of their finest works. Since the addition of Peart in 1974 after their...
Cooking with Wool: Watch Mouthwatering Tiny Woolen Food Animations  09h00 17 janvier
Ayun Halliday
Our fascination with tiny food can be traced to the mouthwatering illustrations in Beatrix Potter’s The Tale of Two Bad Mice. Just like the dollhouse-sized comestibles that so confounded the titular rodents, Tom Thumb and Huncamunca, animator Andrea Love’s miniature pasta with red sauce is as...
The Daily Routines of Famous Creative People, Presented in an Interactive Infographic  15h00 16 janvier
Jonathan Crow
Click the image above to access the interactive infographic. The daily life of great authors, artists and philosophers has long been the subject of fascination among those who look upon their work in awe. After all, life can often feel like, to quote Elbert Hubbard, one damned thing after another ...