Project : Rooftop
Alejandro Bruzzese’s Captain Marvel  04h45 13 mars
Dean Trippe
Over on his blog, P:R Pal Alejandro Bruzzese went into detail on his gorgeous new Captain Marvel redesigns: It’s meant to look like a soft armor space suit. Her hair is white as a nod to Mar-Vell, and I drew her beefy because I was inspired by Anka’s take. But really, muscles are just fun [&]
New Spider-Year, New Spider-You: #Spidersona Open Call   05h19 29 décembre
Dean Trippe
Since the release of the excellent animated feature, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, artists on Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram have been posting the raddest redesign remixes, creating the most addictive self-portrait mashup persona hashtag since #witchsonas took over social media. All your faves...
CONTEST ANNOUNCEMENT X-Men: Days of Future Pants   05h52 11 décembre
Dean Trippe
Face front and buckle up, True Believers, Project: Rooftop is back But don’t call it a comeback. Or a reboot. Or a relaunch. Or a rebirth. Because, just like a dormant mutant gene waiting for just the right moment to reveal itself and remake the life of some troubled teen, Project: Rooftop was...
A New Fantastic Four by Calvin Lin   14h00 13 octobre
Dean Trippe
P:R Pal Calvin Lin has not only redesigned the FF, he recast them Here’s what Calvin had to say about his New Fantastic Four: I decided to tackle the Fantastic Four line-up design. I’ve never been a huge fan of the FF so I thought I could form a team that would act in their place [&]
OMAC by Alejandro Bruzzese   17h54 11 octobre
Dean Trippe
Over on Twitter, artist Alejandro Bruzzese declared October 10th #OMACDay, and posted his own excellent take on the One Man Army Corps. Here’s what Alejandro had to say about Buddy Blank: I. Love. OMAC. Just one fully realized paranoid 70s future fantasy after another. Every issue was its own Logan...
Luciano Vecchio’s Jade & Obsidian   15h40 09 octobre
Dean Trippe
Artist Luciano Vecchio has been redesigning LGBTQ characters recently, and I really dig what he’s done here with Golden Age Green Lantern, Alan Scott’s superhero twin kids, Jade and Obsidian. These looks hold solid references to their past costumes, but also pair super well, as though they were...
Deadman by George Kambadais  19h17 18 septembre
Dean Trippe
P:R Pal George Kambadais has been drawing his own version of Deadman for a while. It’s a really fresh vibe for a decomposed hero, a kind of Madman meets Ghost Rider meets The Ray, but dang if it don’t feel original. I dig it. Scroll down for more pics of George’s Deadman, along with some [&]
Francesco Francavilla’s Starfleet Bat-Crew  01h33 13 septembre
Dean Trippe
Putting the TNG peanut butter in the Gotham City chocolate, fan favorite superstar artist Francesco Francavilla just amalgamized this trio of old chums with the crew of the NCC-1701-D to celebrate both #StarTrekDay and #BatmanDay. It’s so perfect a blend, I fully expect to see cosplayers rocking...
Movie Makeover: Captain Marvel   07h35 06 septembre
Dean Trippe
Yesterday, Entertainment Weekly released some exclusive first looks at a bunch of characters from the upcoming Captain Marvel film, including this first primary-colored version of the celestial Avenger herself. It’s really nice to finally see, and it appears there will be an in-story reason for the...
Sara Alfageeh’s Dust  16h45 02 septembre
Dean Trippe
Hey Rooftop Readers Here’s a quick heads up to head over to CBC Radio to check out this excellent interview with artist Sara Alfageeh on her excellent Dust redesign. I love it Dean LINK: CBC Radio: I just expected better: Reimagining a Muslim female superhero