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Ernie Colon hommage -feel free to share   20h34 10 août
R.I.P. Ernie Colon  18h18 09 août
At Ernie’s, in 2014, when we met.The only entry of this blog I wasn’t eager to write is helas a reality since yesterday. Here is the official annoucement: The extraordinary Ernie Colón passed away yesterday afternoon in his home at the age of 88, surrounded by family, after over a year battling ...
ERNIE COLON in SCARCE 77 (2011) Part 16: HOMMAGE from fellow artists  12h42 24 juin
ME: Usually, how do you work on a standard comic? Do you rought the whole thing, page after page, scene after scene and then come back to pencil tighly and then one last time to ink the whole thing or perhaps do you work piece by piece, finishing parts you have most interest in or which are more...
ERNIE COLON INTERVIEW in SCARCE 77 (2011) Part 14: THE 9 11 books  12h29 03 juin
ME: How did the 9 11 graphic adaptation came on ? Did you instantly agree on doing it or did you have any doubts on its relevance ? ERNIE: I had problems reading the report--so many names, so many takeoff times for each plane. I gave up and called my pal Sid Jacobson (who...
ERNIE COLON INTERVIEW in SCARCE 77 (2011) Part 13 ANNE FRANK:  12h25 27 mai
ME: In the afterthought text of the Manimal reprint, you wrote ..In my world, Black blows their Goddamned brains out. I felt better for that. But the victims, the ghostly shadows, the backdrops for all this popular junk, deserve something more than Manimal. I dearly wish...
ERNIE COLON INTERVIEW in SCARCE 77 (2011) Part 12: CLASSIC ADAPTATIONS in Boy’s Life  12h15 20 mai
ME:What is the origin of your numerous adaptation works for Boy’s Life Magazine ? Is it over now ?ERNIE: Seymour Reit--the creator of Casper the Friendly Ghost--adapted the classic stories. They were fun to do and it was just wonderful to work with this lovely man. Who...
ERNIE COLON INTERVIEW in SCARCE 77 (2011) Part 11: various short assignments  12h13 13 mai
ME: Can you tell us a little about the Black Book project your worked on in 1970? It marked your first collaboration with Syd Jacobson as writer, isn’t it?ERNIE: Yes, Sid wrote it. When at Harvey, he once got a letter from a soldier in Korea asking why African Americans were never represented in...
ERNIE COLON INTERVIEW in SCARCE 77 (2011) Part 10: UNDERWORLD  11h31 06 mai
ME: One of your last work for DC was the Underworld mini-serie, scripted by Robert Loren Fleming. It was cop mature stories, way before Vertigo. Gene Colan was supposed to draw it in the first place. Did Len Wein, its editor, propose it to you or did Robert Fleming ask for you? ERNIE: Robert asked...
ERNIE COLON INTERVIEW in SCARCE 77 (2011) Part 9: AX & MEDUSA CHAIN graphic novels  11h23 29 avril
ME: Is it me or is there definitvely a Phillipe Druillet influence in Medusa Chain? It is a quite daring and intense science fiction story, like european readers were then able to read in the famous Metal Hurlant magazine. ERNIE: No. I just drew my own story my own way. It was before I went on to...
ERNIE COLON INTERVIEW in SCARCE 77 (2011) Part 8: AMETHYST  11h13 22 avril
ERNIE:Amethyst was one of the most enjoyable projects I ever worked on. The partnership of myself, and the writers Gary Cohn and Dan Mishkin was fun and produced a series that appealed to girls as well as boys--something the field has always needed. Girls--making up a potential 50% of readership,...
ERNIE COLON INTERVIEW in SCARCE 77 (2011) Part 7: Legion of Super-Heroes  11h07 15 avril
ME:You drew 2 Legions of Super-Heroes mini-series (Cosmic Boy & Legionnaires Three) scripted by Keith Giffen, who also provided probably a panel grid with perhaps even very loosed breakdowns. Keith Giffen is known, among other things, to have provided the famous (some people call it infamous) 9...
ERNIE COLON INTERVIEW in SCARCE 77 (2011) Part 6: ARAK & barbarians stuff  10h58 08 avril
ME: You had a short run on John Carter Warlord of Mars. During this run, you had almost a different inker in every issue, with Rudy Nebres, Bob Layton, Bob Mc Leod and Frank Springer working over your pencils. Each one has its own way. Mostly, when you do not ink yourself, do you prefer a heavy ...
ERNIE COLON INTERVIEW in SCARCE 77 (2011) Part 5: GOLD KEY  05h52 31 mars
ME:You were the regular penciller on Dr Solar 24 to 26 at GoldKey in 1968. The title ended with issue 27, that you did not pencilled. Were you already out of Goldkey? Did you choose to stop to pencil it?ERNIE: I barely remember my experience at Gold Key.-Did you inked yourself on those Dr Solar...
ERNIE COLON INTERVIEW in SCARCE 77 (2011) Part 4: The Warren Years  10h46 24 mars
ME: You illustrated several horror suspense stories for Warren. Were there something liberating in drawing stories where everything falls apart at the end after years of nice stories or were you mostly still struggling too much with your style to appreciate it?ERNIE: Jim Warren was an exceptional...