Super-Team Family
Deadman and Shaman  10h58 22 janvier
Shaman always felt like a character with a lot of untapped potential to me. I always got a kick out of that little pouch of his that contained just the right mystical artifact that he may need at any given moment. His daughter, Talisman was later introduced, but Marvel never seemed to do much...
Galactus Vs. Mogo & Ch’p  12h39 21 janvier
I’ve had a few requests for Galactus to face of against Mogo, and I do agree that it would make for an amazing battle.  Galactus undoing of course would not paying attention to a micro problem while he tackles the macro problem - and that’s where Ch’p can come in to save the day.
Jor-El Vs. Kang  12h35 20 janvier
I can’t imagine that Marvel Studios wants to go with another time travel plot line any time soon after that was such a major part of Avengers: Endgame. Still, they finally have the rights to use Kang, and he is just too good a villain to leave on the shelf. Where would the best place be for...
The Falcon and Green Arrow  12h03 19 janvier
Arrow only has a couple of episodes left. I’m sure that one will be a send off for Stephen Amell and his character Oliver Queen. The other is supposed to be a back door pilot of sorts for the spin off show, Green Arrow and the Canaries, which will feature Queen’s time-displaced daughter...
Firestorm and The Fantastic Four  12h35 18 janvier
I was reading the latest edition of Back Issue (the best comics-related magazine ever, in my opinion), and it had an article about Alex Ross’ proposal for a Fantastic Four comic series that was ultimately turned down by Marvel. It’s a shame because it was a great look for the team -...
Batman and The Phantom (The Movie )  10h58 17 janvier
I remember watching The Phantom back in the day and being thoroughly entertained. Billy Zane was perfect to me in the lead role, and I was hoping that the movie would only be the first in a series. Alas, there was no sequel, but I still like to pop the movie in from time to time. ...
Captain Britain and Sherlock Holmes  10h54 16 janvier
It looks like Robert Downey Jr.’s first big post-Iron Man project will be Dolittle. It seems like something meant for younger viewers, so the trailers have not really interested me. Downey has also mentioned the possibility of a third Sherlock Holmes film, which is a project I’d like to...
Doctor Strange and Man-Bat  11h01 15 janvier
The new Batman movie will have plenty of villains, but most have had previous appearances on the big screen. We’ve also seen other foes like Deadshot, Kiler Croc and Black Mask showing up in non-Batman films like Suicide Squad and the upcoming Birds of Prey. Even so, there are plenty of...
Adam Strange and The Herculoids in: Invading Vader   12h35 14 janvier
Seriously, we need to see a Hanna-Barbera cinematic universe get going. Not only would a Space Ghost film be epic, Herculoids would look amazing on the big screen. We are finally at a point where the effects needed to do justice to all of the alien animal sidekicks are available...
Moon Knight and Elongated Man in: No Good Deed...   12h53 13 janvier
The boys are back I am preparing this post on January 12th, which is my birthday, so I hope you’ll forgive me for once again indulging my urge to see this pairing I have been hearing lots of casting rumors regarding the Disney Moon Knight show, so I think we will be hearing some solid news...
Alfred and Black Panther  12h35 12 janvier
Andy Serkis is playing Alfred Pennyworth in the new Batman movie. Filming has just begun, so perhaps we will see a shot of him in character soon - will we finally get a movie Alfred with a mustache? I’d still like to see Serkis return as Klaw in a Black Panther sequel. Yes, he was...
Swamp Thing and Iron Man  12h13 11 janvier
It might be fun to see these heroes work together.  The characters have such different personalities and power sets that they would either clash or be able to accomplish through cooperation what they could not on their own. If I know my comic book meetings, it would probably be both
Aquaman Vs. Attuma  10h55 10 janvier
1989 is remembered fondly as being the summer of Batman, but there was another comics book event that I also remember well. Atlantis Attacks was a fun event that ran across the Marvel Annuals that year, and it was a pretty fun read. Company-wide story lines were still relatively new for...
Captain Canuck and Uncle Sam  10h57 09 janvier
I’m always happy when I get to use a Murphy Anderson image on this blog. Whether he was on full art chores, or inks only, Anderson’s work always stood out to me, even as a kid. He could elevate anyone’s pencils, maintaining the integrity of their art while adding his own polished touch,...
Ghost Rider and Blue Beetle  10h55 08 janvier
Marvel’s Agents of Shield has never really grabbed me, and I continue to watch it out of habit and my like of actress Ming Na Wen (glad to see her show up in The Mandalorian ) One exception is when the Robbie Reyes Ghost Rider was added to the mix for half a season. I really enjoyed the...