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Superman Smoking  00h58 20 janvier
I recently discovered the above panel from a 1958 comic, Supermanís Pal, Jimmy Olsen #30. The man is actually a thug who is imitating Superman, but I still HAD to animate it I almost added a word balloon, That sounds like your problem. I donít really give a #% . At least I stopped myself from...
Blinking Baby Yoda  20h33 05 janvier
For no reason whatsoever.
A Joke NOT in MAD #7  20h34 20 avril
As I developed ideas for Shazam Funnies (which appears in MAD #7), I actually had two ideas for a Calvin and Hobbes parody. Hereís the one you didnít see--I typically supply a script and descriptions of my concepts. My other Billy and Tawny idea is the one that got chosen. It is more MAD-like. ...
Aquaman Funnies from MAD #6  17h14 18 fťvrier
I think Iíve written before that as I grew up in the boonies of Arkansas (where the school didnít have art classes) the only artwork I saw was that in comic books, Sunday comic strips, and MAD. Well, this month, all three come crashing together in MAD #6 with Aquaman Funnies I had SO MUCH fun...
Superman Dunking a Pirate.  16h37 21 janvier
So-- After seeing this old Superman page......I wanted to make an animated gif and post it on a site, but needed a link to pull from. So, Iím posting it here. :)Take that, Pirate Hey I just realized this image is a bit like these Superman gifs I did a several years ago.
Batman   01h54 20 dťcembre
MAD #5 is on sale now I have one piece included this month and thought it would be fun to share the uncropped image. Hereís how my art appears in the issue--And below is it my uncluttered art. (Well, I re-cluttered it a bit. I wanted to insure MAD is still represented.) The building color in the...
Animated Comic Cover-- Happy Halloween   01h19 21 octobre
Itís been a while since Iíve animated a comic cover. When I recently saw Worldís Finest #139, I knew I had to do it for Halloween HAPPY HALLOWEEN
The Part-Time Jobs of Super Heroes  20h29 15 septembre
Itís been a while since Iíve posted art that wasnít my own. I donít know if thatís a good or bad thing. Today I ran across a magazine in my basement that I didnít even realize I owned, Crazy #22.Crazy was published by Marvel Comics starting in 1973 and ran for 10 years. It was obviously their...
The Origin of Spidery-Man   23h04 18 aoŻt
Iíve been silly busy this summer, but I wanted to post a peek (above) at a 3 page story I have in the current MAD magazine. I was fortunate enough to also do the main art for the cover of the Potrzebie Comics section--I had a blast drawing these pages Iím a huge Steve Ditko fan. This...
More) Captain Action art  23h54 29 juin
A couple of years ago, I was lucky enough to create some of the art for a newly released Captain Action card game. Now, Iím lucky again I donít usually put press releases on my blog, but since this will be an exception, since it involves me. :)Small Monster Games partners with Captain Action...
The Story of the Store  23h33 21 juin
Iím lucky enough to work for a company (Hallmark) that allows itís creative community to take 5 days per year to pursue a creative endeavor that the person might not otherwise undertake. I decided to use a couple of #My5Days and create a very personal piece of art-- An important building from...
New Super Antics ...  11h00 18 avril
in MAD magazine #1 If you didnít already know, MAD has been somewhat revamped. Iíve got a few pages in it I canít shared them all here, but I can give you the first few panels--Iím pretty excited about this. I grew up in the boonies of Arkansas, and the only culture I saw was that in...
Urinals of the Justice League  16h10 26 dťcembre
I had a little free time to draw over the holidays. Sorry.
Marvel Hair Jokes   00h58 23 octobre
Itís Inktober Or so Iím told. Thatís when you ink something (everyday?) in the month of October. Well, I didnít do that. However, I did recently come across a page I had penciled in the late 90ís. (?) I then thought it would be fun for Fifty-Something Kerry to ink Thirty-Something Kerry. So I did...
Jack Kirby Spider-Man Pin-up   02h24 29 aoŻt
Today would have been Jack Kirbyís 100th birthday. I wanted to honor his memory. But how?Iíve always been a bit fascinated in how he drew Spider-Man. He didnít do very often and itís very different than other artistís interpretations. I actually keep a folder on my computer with images Iíve found...