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Neal Adams has HUGE biceps&  21h56 01 avril
and how I ended up getting a Green Arrow sketch from him at WonderCon 2019. I was not planning to get a sketch from Neal this past weekend, though I have admired his art since I was a teenager, but & Continue reading
That Time Peter Parker Married Gwen Stacy in Mexico&  19h55 18 février
Blowing up on the internet today& Turns out that Publisher La Prensa in Mexico published 45 unique new Spider-Man comics in the 1970s that ignored Gwen Stacy’s death and documented a parallel Spider-Verse where Gwen not only lived, but she & & Continue reading ’
Stan Lee is My Superhero  06h51 29 décembre
Stan Lee, the man I credit with inspiring my 48 years (and counting) love of comic books, passed away on November 12, 2018 at the age of 95. Today, December 28, 2018, would have been his 96th birthday. I wanted & Continue reading ’
SDCC 2018: Sunday July 22  00h20 16 décembre
Last day of Comic Con is typically an easy-going day for me. There aren’t as many panels to choose from and there are last day deals down on the convention floor. But, even less panels for Comic Con entails far & Continue reading ’
SDCC 2018: Saturday July 21  23h49 15 décembre
Traditionally the busiest day of the convention, I generally try to stay up at panels as much as possible and avoid the super-crowded convention floor. Above is a view of downtown San Diego across from the convention center (taken from & Continue reading ’
SDCC 2018: Friday July 20  23h28 15 décembre
This Blog is LONG overdue. The last few months have been a real overcome by events of life and my attention to ComicSpectrum have not been at the top of the stack. I’ve been posting to the Facebook page and & Continue reading ’
SDCC 2018: Thursday July 19  02h42 01 août
With Preview night behind me, it was time to dive into the convention proper, and what I was REALLY interested in was attending a lot of panels. As I’ve said before, there are numerous convention experiences that can be tailored & Continue reading ’
SDCC 2018: Conspicuous Consumerism Edition  06h08 30 juillet
For a lot of people, Comic Con International: San Diego (know by many as San Diego Comic-Con, or simply SDCC) is all about getting stuff. Free stuff. Exclusive stuff. Or just cool stuff that catches your eye. The show floor & Continue reading ’
Comic Books vs. Hollywood Big Super at #SDCC  17h08 23 juillet
At San Diego Comic Con, the Hall H and Marvel DC super-hero news and events are undeniably cool for fans of pop culture. I love this stuff and as a fan of pop culture I am very interested in it, but & Continue reading ’
Shopping for Comics in Antique Shops  04h08 04 juin
We just got back from an anniversary trip up the central California coast to Hearst Castle in San Simeon, CA and one of the things my wife enjoyed on the trip was visiting various Antique shops in towns such as & Continue reading ’