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The Infinite Earths of the Arrowverse  18h28 10 décembre
Ryan Mennen
The CW’s Arrowverse goes all in with Crisis on Infinite Earths, essentially bringing the Endgame to DC’s superheroes on the small screen
Cleopatra in Space Makes Her Way to the DreamWorks Channel   02h33 05 décembre
Ryan Mennen
Mike Maihack’s Cleopatra in Space makes her way to the DreamWorks Channel with her very own kick-ass animated series Available on StarHub TV Ch 307 & 606
The Only Problem with the Joker Might be the Audience  04h16 03 octobre
Ryan Mennen
Joker is a new take on superhero films that may be best left as a one-off. I mean, there are definitely far more nuanced villains to make films about.
Joker is Less Batman and More Purge  09h15 02 octobre
Ryan Mennen
Joker will be remembered as one of the most unique comic book films of our time. But at what cost? And are fans ready for a film so thematically heavy?
Soon, YOU Can Watch the Watchmen   09h47 09 septembre
Ryan Mennen
Who will watch the Watchmen on HBO? Hopefully a fair number of people with the network’s efforts in ensuring a same day release in multiple territories
The World My Arena - Singapore Martial Arts Comic Book Hits Kickstarter  16h37 30 août
Ryan Mennen
Singaporean artist makes his publication debut with his own creator-owned original The World My Arena on Kickstarter Be sure to back it by September 20
D23 Confirms Yet More Disney Marvel Shows [UPDATE: The Eternals Cast ]  09h07 24 août
Ryan Mennen
Marvel Studios continues to steal the show, this time at D23 with revelations of new shows and updates on the ones announced at SDCC last month.
J.J. Abrams & Son Make Theirs Marvel with Sarah Pichelli on Spider-Man #1   16h01 18 août
Ryan Mennen
This September, J.J. Abrams and his son Henry take Spider-Man to new heights with legendary artist Sara Pichelli with a story like you’ve never seen before
DC Comics Illustrators to Headline Singapore Comic Con this December  06h41 05 août
Zed B. W.
Tara McPherson, Greg Capullo and Mark Simpson are some of talents that will wow fans at Singapore Comic Con 2019 this December.
Marvel Studios Brings the Hall Down at SDCC 2019: Series Edition  12h42 21 juillet
Ryan Mennen
Marvel Studios lives up to their reputation of breaking the internet (and Comic-Con) with news of upcoming movies and shows of the characters we so love