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PSF GSoC students blogs: 4th weekly check-in  00h16 18 juillet
Hello everyone This weekly check-in is related to the scheduled for July 15. 1. What did you do this week? Reviewed the code for the spidermon setup command so far. Merged setup with enable command and wrote tests for the new modules I wrote. 2. What is coming up next? Finishing tests and...
PSF GSoC students blogs: My path this far - 3rd blog post  00h12 18 juillet
Hello guys This seems to be the post that goes by my 3rd blog post (July 8). I genuinely misunderstood the blog post assignment and I’m sorry I’m late with them. I had motivation issues the last 2 weeks due to the fact I was really focused with the semester ending in my university. Not only I...
Roberto Alsina: Old Guy The Terminal: Episodio 1   20h33 17 juillet
Este es el primer (y por ahora à nico, obviamente) episodio de un nuevo canal de video llamado Old Guy The Terminal en el que muestro algunas cositas de Linux, programación, como se relacionan cosas actuales con cosas viejas y veremos qué más a medida que se me ocurran temas. Nunca habà a hecho...
TechBeamers Python: Generate a List of Random Integers in Python  18h51 17 juillet
This tutorial explains several ways to generate random numbers list in Python. Here, we’ll mainly use three Python random number generation functions. These are random.randint(), random.randrange(), and random.sample(). You can find full details of these methods here: Generate random numbers...
PSF GSoC students blogs: Finishing up Scikit Linear Regression  16h26 17 juillet
I had an assigned task to make the requested changes and refactor the scratch linear regression model. The tests and documentation are complete and are ready to merge along with the model. I will now be working mostly on scikit models from now. Targets: 1. Linear Regression 2. k Nearest...
Real Python: Create a Flask Application With Google Login  14h00 17 juillet
You’ve probably seen the option for Google Login on various websites. Some sites also have more options like Facebook Login or GitHub Login. All these options allow users to utilize existing accounts to use a new service. In this article, you’ll work through the creation of a Flask web application....
Catalin George Festila: Python 3.7.3 : Using the pipenv tool.  12h24 17 juillet
The goal of this tutorial is how to use pipenv and manage dependencies and development environments on a collaborative Python project. The documentation area can be found here. C: Python373>cd Scripts C: Python373 Scripts>pip install --user pipenv Collecting pipenv ... Successfully installed...
Stack Abuse: Gradient Boosting Classifiers in Python with Scikit-Learn  12h08 17 juillet
Introduction Gradient boosting classifiers are a group of machine learning algorithms that combine many weak learning models together to create a strong predictive model. Decision trees are usually used when doing gradient boosting. Gradient boosting models are becoming popular because of their...
Ned Batchelder: 5.0a6: context reporting  11h25 17 juillet
I’ve released another alpha of 5.0: 5.0a6. There are some design decisions ahead that I could use feedback on.Important backstory: The big feature in 5.0 is “contexts”: recording data for varying execution context, also known as Who Tests What. The idea is...
ListenData: Python Data Structures  10h37 17 juillet
This post explains the data structures used in Python. It is essential to understand the data structures in a programming language. In python, there are many data structures available. They are as follows : stringsliststuplesdictionariessets Python Data Structures1. StringsPython String is a...
ListenData: What are args and kwargs and How to use them  10h32 17 juillet
This article explains the concepts of args and kwargs and how and when we use them in python program. Seasoned python developers embrace the flexibility it provides when creating functions. If you are beginner in python, you might not have heard it before. After completion of this tutorial, you...
Codementor: Getting Started with Map  09h15 17 juillet
Get to grips with one of the fundamental building blocks of functional programming in Python: map.
Python Circle: Programming on Raspberry Pi with Python: Controlling LED  07h45 17 juillet
Starting with Raspberry Pi programming with Python, Controlling LED with Python Program, Blinking LED with Raspberry Pi, Using GPIO pins to control the LED on Raspberry Pi with Python Program, Raspberry Pi and python
Test and Code: 81: TDD with flit  07h00 17 juillet
In the last episode, we talked about going from script to supported package. I worked on a project called subark and did the packaging with flit. Today’s episode is a continuation where we add new features to a supported package and how to develop and test a flit based package. Covered: ...
PSF GSoC students blogs: GSoC Weekly Check-in  20h20 16 juillet
Hello everyone This is 7th week of GSoC 2019, just one week away from 2nd Evaluations. Here’s what I did this week. What did I do this week? This week was a bit relaxing. I didn’t do much except making changes in my old PR for improvement of Icons Picker API. Added some features like zipping...