Python Tips
Filtering & Closing Pull Requests on GitHub using the API  06h00 18 septembre
Hi everyone ð In this post, I am going to show you how you can use the GitHub API to query Pull Requests, check the content of a PR and close it. The motivation for this project came from my personal website. I introduced static comments on the website using Staticman and only after a &...
Looking for an internship for Summer 2020  20h27 17 septembre
Hi lovely people ð Hope everything is going well on your end. I asked you guys last year for helping me find a kick-ass internship and you all came through. I ended up working at ASAPP over the summer and had an awesome time. I wrote an article about what I learned during my internship. &...
Python mind-teaser: Make the function return True  22h43 30 juillet
Hi everyone ð I was browsing r python and came across this post: The challenge was easy. Provide such an input that if 1 is added to it, it is the instance of the same object but if 2 is added it is not. Solution 1: Custom class The way I personally thought to solve this challenge was &...
Setting up dev environment for SciPy  21h03 21 juin
Hi everyone ð I got an email from someone pretty recently who wanted to setup a dev environment for SciPy. He had made changes to the source code of SciPy and now wanted to test if his changes were working or not. He had gotten so far without actually testing the code. In this post & Continue...
Speeding up Python code using multithreading  17h44 29 mai
Hi lovely people ð A lot of times we end up writing code in Python which does remote requests or reads multiple files or does processing on some data. And in a lot of those cases I have seen programmers using a simple for loop which takes forever to finish executing. For example: import...
Running Python in the Browser  17h49 22 mai
Running Python in the web browser has been getting a lot of attention lately. Shaun Taylor-Morgan knows what he’s talking about here he works for Anvil, a full-featured application platform for writing full-stack web apps with nothing but Python. So I invited him to give us an overview and...
Python dis module and constant folding  05h40 26 février
Hi people Recently, I was super confused when I found out that: runs slower than: I tried to think of a suitable answer but couldn’t find any. I timed the execution of both of these statements using the timeit module in Python3: The difference is not big. It is only 0.1 s but it was still &...
Issues with how we teach  05h55 05 février
Throughout my life, I used to ask myself, How do people invent something? . In my case, I was specifically concerned with Maths, Physics, and Computer Science. I would ask myself, I know how to use these formulas but how did someone come up with these formulas? . My teachers’ responses were...
Research Writeup: Deanonymization and Proximity Detection Using Wi-Fi  05h54 13 décembre
Hi everyone If you have been following my blog for a while you will know that I did research at Colgate University over the summers. My research was on Wi-Fi and how I can do some interesting stuff using it. The university just published its annual catalogue of all the research projects which...
Email Security & Privacy  20h00 01 décembre
Hi everyone I hope all of you are doing well. Things have been super exciting on my side. Just got done with a file system checker project in C for my Operating Systems class. It was mentally draining but equally rewarding. This blog post is not about Python but rather about Emails. This week I &...