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Terrifying Big Data Report Shows Anyone Can Get Your Info for 2  15h32 14 février
Matt James
Big data is a great asset for countless people all over the world. A growing number of companies are relying on data to deliver more value for their customers. One report shows the market for big data could reach 103 billion in the next seven years. Unfortunately, big data comes with a price. It...
Big Data Leads To Massive Time Saving Digital Resources  19h49 13 février
Annie Qureshi
Big data is changing the way we live in countless ways. We usually talk about the massive technological advances that AI and other big data technologies have brought to large companies. However, developments in data technology have also led to some important improvements for everyday consumers. One...
Big Data Technology Is Crucial To Your Educational Pursuits  20h06 10 février
Ryan Kh
I still remember my college days. Technology was more readily available than ever, but big data was not a thing yet. Students were not using big data to assist with their learning goals. Today, big data is vital to the learning process. A number of companies have been built solely to create big...
How Big Data Can Make Any Of Us Like Sherlock Holmes  19h57 10 février
Sean Mallon
I recently watched the television series The Stranger . This television show is about a beautiful, witty, young hacker that uses her skills to uncover other people’s secrets to expose. The show has some interesting premises, but it really focuses on the amount of information available to us in...
Using Big Data With Docker As A Powerful Software Development Platform  21h06 06 février
Ryan Kh
Big data is changing the world in tremendous ways. One of the areas where big data is having the largest effect is with software development. A growing number of DevOps platforms are using new data analytics and machine learning tools to boost performance. Docker is one of them. The Role of Big...
Big Data Is Shaping These Huge Digital Marketing Trends In 2020  20h45 06 février
Diana Hope
I had an interesting encounter at a young professionals’ group the other day. I ran into the head of an analytics company with a lot of experience in big data. When I talk to people from analytics companies, they usually emphasize the technical aspects of their profession. This man was different....
Why You Should Enhance Your Email Campaigns With AI  14h15 05 février
Sean Parker
Artificial intelligence is slowly working its way into everything. One of the newest iterations is AI-driven email marketing. Many companies are already using this and you may not have noticed. That’s because these programs are undetectable unless you know what to look for and they are highly...
Exploring Nuances Of Machine Learning & Personalization In Apps  17h36 04 février
Sean Mallon
The market for machine learning is projected to reach 20.8 billion by 2024. It is unbelievable that it was only worth 1.6 billion back in 2017. This means that the market has been growing around 45% a year over the course of a decade. The rapid growth in the machine learning market is largely...
Drug Discovery Needs AI To Discover More Treatments  17h27 04 février
Megan Ray Nichols
Improving human health, longevity, and satisfaction are some of the primary purposes of technology. At first glance, artificial intelligence may feel like a step away from our humanity. But what if it could make us more observant, better able to find hidden connections, and more efficient as we...
Predictive Analytics Could Minimize Underpayment Penalties By The IRS  13h51 29 janvier
Ryan Kh
The federal government is often slow to embrace new technology. However, many federal agencies have finally discovered the countless benefits of big data. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is one of the organizations that has started using big data to enforce its policies. Small businesses should...