Team Silva
Raid Gallaecia starting tomorrow  15h01 11 mai
Team ARSweden ready for AR World Series race Raid Gallaecia starting tomorrow in Viviero, northwest Spain.
Racestory Adventure Racing World Championship 2018 - Reunion Island   11h33 16 novembre
Down at the river we frantically inflated our rafts and as we got on the water the French were right behind us. Across a marina to the last control and then onto the beach for a final 2km on the sand to the finish line the French were coming 100m behind us. We gave it heaps and managed to scramble...
Silver in Adventure Racing World Championship 2018  06h04 13 novembre
After 120 hours of racing there were a sprint finish about 2nd and 3rd place between Haglöfs Silva and French team 400 Naturex and Haglöfs Silva were the winners of that sprint
Adventure Racing World Championship 2018 - Reunion Island   10h30 06 novembre
Team Haglöfs Silva are in for a real expedition in the race starting on Thursday. With 63 other teams from 25 different nations we are preparing for 5 days of adventures on Reunion Island, a small volcanic island in the Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar.
Podium finish at Nordic Island Adventure Race  12h46 18 août
On Thursday morning, Team Haglöfs Silva crossed the finishline after 91h 30 mins of almost nonstop racing since the start at mid Sunday in Stockholm, In Turku, Finland as third team. During those 4 days on racing we had been biking over 300 km on nice technical singletracks, swimming between and...
Nordic Islands Adventure Race First days  06h59 14 août
The race have now been on for about two days. Team Haglöfs Silva have stayed in the front, but had an issue with the rear derailleur on one of the bikes and lost about two hours.
Nordic Islands Adventure Race coming up  20h17 11 août
At midday on Sunday 12th, Team Haglöfs Silva, together with 22 other teams, will start a 4-5 day long nonstop journey, the Nordic Island Adventure Race (NIAR). This is the only Adventure Racing World Series event in Europe for 2018 and there are many strong international teams on the lineup
ARWS China 2016 Full TV episode  09h16 04 mai
Watch the first Asian qualifier for the Adventure Racing World Series set in remote North Western China.
Happy New Year   15h17 31 décembre
With only a few hours left of this year we look back at a pretty successful season for Team Haglöfs Silva. We had two big races in focus this season, the Xtrail Expedition Race in Altay-region, China (almost Mongolia) in June and the world championship in Wyoming, USA, probably the two adventure...
Racestory 2017 Adventure Racing World Championship   23h45 16 août
After being on the podium many times during the last 10 years we once again tried to aim for the top and we were pushing very hard at the start of the race to stay with the leaders. This played out well for the first 24 hours where we were still barely 20minutes behind eventual winners Seagate.