Team Hokaoneone : vidéo
Ghost of the Towers  17h35 18 février
A team of experts makes an eight-day expedition to southern Chile to document the legendary and elusive puma.
Time to Be the Change  19h27 03 février
Sometimes I feel like people aren’t happy to see a black guy winning in a predominantly white sport...I’m challenging the status quo. Maybe it makes you uncomfortable, but that’s great because maybe you’ll be a better human being, and you can accept a winner based on the fact that they won and you...
Time to Challenge the Status Quo  17h44 01 février
It’s time to challenge those who would tell us anyone can’t, or shouldn’t, or won’t. To prove them wrong, then bring them along for the journey.
Time To Represent  15h39 01 novembre
Black Girls Trekkin’ is spreading the message that the outdoors is for everyone. It’s time to represent. It’s Time to Flyâ . #timetofly
Time To Change The Game  15h38 31 octobre
Running 100 miles is unknown territory for most athletes. Jim Walmsley is redefining human potential by running it as fast as he can. It’s time to change the game. It’s Time to Flyâ . #timetofly
The Western States Endurance Run: Now Presented by HOKA ONE ONE  18h59 30 octobre
Starting in 2020, HOKA will be the presenting sponsor of one of the world’s most iconic trail ultras. It’s Time to Flyâ . #timetofly
Time To Hear Me Roar  15h38 30 octobre
To Sophie Power, being a mother doesn’t mean abandoning or altering her goals. We can still follow [our dreams], and our children are along for the ride. It’s Time to Flyâ . #timetofly
Time To Break Barriers  15h34 29 octobre
Many people refer to Shirin Gerami as Iran’s female triathlete. But to her, I am not defined by any nation. I am not defined by my gender. I am not defined by what I wear. I am just a human being. It’s time to break barriers. It’s Time to Flyâ . #timetofly
Time To Reconnect  16h09 28 octobre
Jaylyn Gough founded Native Womens Wilderness not only to get more women and girls outside, but to acknowledge their ancestors who first walked those same lands. Native people and indigenous people will always have a connection to the land. This land is our land. It’s Time to Flyâ . #timetofly
Time To Reimagine  15h32 25 octobre
Join us as we reimagine what’s possible. It’s Time to Flyâ . #timetofly
HOKA Product Feature: Rincon  15h42 23 octobre
Learn more about the ultra light, uber-cushioned speedster with HOKA athletes Sage Canaday and Stephanie Bruce.
HOKA Product Feature: Clifton 6  15h42 23 octobre
Since its launch, the Clifton has been one of our most popular shoes. Learn more about the latest version of this lightweight, cushioned everyday trainer with HOKA athletes Sage Canaday and Ben Bruce
Everyone Outside: Nailah Blades Wylie  15h39 16 octobre
Nailah Blades Wylie founded Color Outside to build a safe space for women of color to come together and create unapologetic, soul-stirring lives through outdoor adventure. We are proud to present the first #everyoneoutside film in partnership with The Outbound.
HOKA x Mont Blanc 2019  20h57 03 octobre
Stunning scenery. Grueling trails. There’s nothing like the Mont Blanc races. Congratulations to all the athletes who took part in 2019.
Humans of HOKA - Scott Fauble  15h30 03 octobre
Becoming a world-class runner - like a lot of things - doesn’t happen quickly. You have to wake up every day and ask yourself - what do I need to do to be the best version of myself today? says Scott Fauble, who smashed his marathon PR to run 2:09:09 at the 2019 Boston Marathon. If you do those...