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Climate activist convicted for Credit Suisse red paint protest  13h02 22 février
A climate change protester who smeared red paint on the window of a Credit Suisse bank branch has been ordered to pay more than 2,000 in damages after he was convicted on Thursday.
Tesla resumes tree cutting in Germany to build Gigafactory  12h51 22 février
Tesla Inc said it had resumed tree cutting in Gruenheide, Germany so it can construct its first European car and battery factory following moves by environmentalists to stop local deforestation.
In Mexico’s cradle of corn, climate change leaves its mark  12h48 22 février
At least 9,000 years ago, humans began domesticating corn for the first time near Tehuacan, in the central Mexican state of Puebla, laying the foundation for permanent settlements in the Americas.
World’s financial firms risk 1 trillion in losses if slow to act on climate change: report  12h43 22 février
The world’s financial services sector risks losses of up to 1 trillion if it fails to respond quickly to climate change and is hit by policy shifts such as the introduction of a carbon tax, a new report shows.
UK watchdog to scrutinize how companies, auditors calculate climate risk  12h42 22 février
Britain’s financial accounting watchdog plans to review how companies and auditors assess and report the impact of climate change on their businesses, as investors push for better disclosure of the risks.
As Florida, Georgia battle over water, panhandle oystermen struggle to survive  22h07 21 février
Standing in his boat in Florida’s Apalachicola Bay, Michael Dasher lowered a long pair of tongs into the water, pulling up a muddy mass of oysters that his son sorted, keeping those big enough to sell and tossing the rest back into the brackish bay.
California sues Trump administration over alleged failure to protect species  19h34 21 février
California is suing the administration of President Donald Trump for what it calls the administration’s failure to protect endangered species in the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers.
Britain’s carbon permit auction calendar for 2020 published by ICE  17h50 21 février
The calendar for British carbon permit auctions in 2020 under the EU’s Emissions Trading System was released on Friday evening, exchange ICE’s website shows.
Shipping industry faces 370 million hit from new Panama Canal charge  16h06 21 février
A new freshwater charge introduced this month to help the Panama Canal cope with climate change will cost the shipping industry up to 370 million a year, marking another blow for maritime companies already hit by fallout from the coronavirus outbreak.
China’s armyworm situation set to worsen in 2020: agriculture ministry  13h55 21 février
China’s agriculture ministry said the danger from the armyworm pest is more severe this year, adding that prevention and control measures will be more aggressive.
Greenpeace protesters break into EDF’s Tricastin nuclear plant  13h54 21 février
Greenpeace activists broke into an ageing Tricastin nuclear plant in France on Friday to demand its closure, a day ahead of the planned shutdown the country’s oldest nuclear reactor at Fessenheim near the German border.
Tesla gets court approval to clear forest for German Gigafactory  13h23 21 février
Tesla Inc got approval from a German court on Thursday to continue to cut down forest near the capital Berlin to build its first European car and battery factory, in a defeat for local environmental activists.
Kazakh poachers sentenced to life for murdering ranger  12h37 21 février
A Kazakh court on Friday sentenced three poachers to life in prison for murdering a state ranger who attempted to stop them from hunting endangered saiga antelope, a case that drew the attention of President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev.
Could warmer weather help contain the coronavirus?  12h29 21 février
Public health officials, businesses and financial markets are looking for signs of whether the arrival of warmer weather in the northern hemisphere might slow the spread of the new coronavirus COVID-19 epidemic. Here’s what we know about seasonal features of disease outbreaks.
Solar energy expands quickly in Brazil, attracts Chinese firms  03h49 21 février
Beside the green pastures and sugarcane plantations surrounding the farming town of Porto Feliz is the strange sight of hundreds of blue, silicon panes turned towards the sun.