BBC : Europe
Coronavirus: Rapid spread raises fears of global pandemic  09h38 24 février
More infections are reported around the world as governments struggle to contain outbreaks.
Canary Islands sandstorm: Flights disrupted as dust cloud strands tourists  02h06 24 février
Flights to and from the Spanish islands have been disrupted, leaving tourists stranded at airports.
Hamburg election: Merkel party ’slumps as Greens surge’  22h52 23 février
The CDU suffers its worst-ever poll result in the city state, as the left consolidates power.
Hunters: Jewish groups criticise Holocaust portrayal in Amazon show  04h27 24 février
The drama series draws ire for a gruesome and fictitious human chess scene at Auschwitz.
Earthquake kills at least 9 in Turkey, injures many in Iran  13h07 23 février
The quake kills at least nine in eastern Turkey, with injuries and collapsed buildings in Iran.
Coronavirus: Venice Carnival closes as Italy imposes lockdown  22h35 23 février
Italy quarantines whole towns, closes schools and cancels sports fixtures as infections increase.
Brexit: Emmanuel Macron ’not sure’ of UK-EU trade deal by end of year  01h46 23 février
The French president’s doubts come as the UK government is set to publish its demands.
Dead within three hours of arrival at a Russian prison  00h05 23 février
Despite claims that Russian prisons are cleaning up their act, inmates and their families tell a different story.
Hanau shooting: Why Germany’s far-right AfD is blamed over racist violence  11h17 22 février
The anti-Islam AfD is accused of fuelling racist violence, amid German shock at the Hanau killings.
Can computer translators beat speaking a foreign tongue?  00h21 21 février
Developers say you can now converse effortlessly using translation tech, but others are not so sure.
Talking to your neighbours is mandatory if you live here  00h58 21 février
A block of flats in Sweden is tackling loneliness by mixing age groups - and making socialising an obligation.
British pianist James Rhodes drives child abuse reform in Spain  01h03 21 février
Spain’s child abuse laws are set for an overhaul under the new government thanks to James Rhodes.
How Hollywood movies saved a gay Russian teenager  01h04 21 février
A mail order bride moved to the US with her gay son, but her conservative husband had a surprise in store.
Canary Island sandstorm: Flights cancelled due to Saharan sand  18h55 23 février
Passengers have been left stranded after a strong sandstorm caused poor visibility.
Coronavirus: Italy imposes lockdown to tackle new outbreak  17h24 23 février
About 50,000 people cannot enter or leave several towns in northern Italy without permission.