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The 5 most powerful armies in the world  11h48 22 février
Greg Norman
Battlefields are constantly evolving, leading countries around the world to pump hundreds of billions of dollars each year into their armed forces in a race to develop the most advanced training, technology and weaponry.
Prince Andrew trolled on Epstein link with banner draped on schoolbus  03h35 22 février
Louis Casiano
A yellow school bus with a banner depicting the face of Britain’s Prince Andrew drove past Buckingham Palace on Friday, urging him to testify in the investigation of the late sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.
The world’s remaining communist countries, and how they’re faring economically  23h13 21 février
Paulina Dedaj
Communism is the political and economic doctrine that abolishes private ownership in favor of the state controlling the means of production in an effort to create economic equality and the abolishment of the exploitation of workers. For decades, the United States and the Soviet Union engaged in the...
Italian tourist dies in Petra after getting struck by falling rock: reports  18h41 21 février
Hollie McKay
An Italian tourist vacationing with his wife in the ancient city of Petra, Jordan was killed Thursday after being struck by a falling rock, reports say.
Ukrainians throw bricks at buses carrying coronavirus evacuees from China  16h33 21 février
Greg Norman
Ukraine’s effort to quarantine more than 70 people evacuated from China over the new virus outbreak plunged into chaos Thursday as local residents opposing the move hurled stones at the evacuees and clashed with police.
Joseph Kony survivor recalls how faith, God helped her endure 8 years in captivity  15h52 21 février
Greg Norman
Victoria Nyanjura was just 14 years old when insurgents under the umbrella of Joseph Kony’s Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) ripped away her innocence. For eight years, she was brutalized as a sex slave in the jungles of eastern and central Africa.
US, Taliban ’reduction of violence’ will start tonight, official says  15h50 21 février
Greg Norman
The weeklong reduction in violence agreed upon by the U.S. and Taliban is set to go into effect Friday night in Afghanistan, starting a countdown clock to when both sides will sign a peace deal that would bring an eventual end to the 18-year conflict, officials say.
Vladimir Putin’s strangest propaganda moments  15h43 21 février
Frank Miles
Russian President Vladimir Putin, through the lens of state media, is a man of many talents. Here are some of Putin’s strangest propaganda moments.
Iran elections put support of regime to the test as frustration mounts  14h37 21 février
Louis Casiano
Support for Iran’s leadership is being put to the test Friday as voters are heading to the polls in the Islamic Republic to elect a new parliament amidst a period of economic hardship and growing frustration with the government.
The week in pictures, Feb. 15 - Feb. 21  13h47 21 février
Morgan Phillips
Here’s a selection of the most amazing images captured around the world in the past seven days. Enjoy
Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar resigns after party suffers defeat in parliamentary vote  03h12 21 février
Bradford Betz
After Ireland’s parliament convened Thursday with no easy route to forming a stable government after an election two weeks ago that left three parties on roughly level pegging, the country’s prime minister has resigned, according to reports.
5 of the worst humanitarian crises the world has been facing  01h25 21 février
Bradford Betz
Several conflicts around the world have led to some of the worst humanitarian catastrophes in recent years. Starvation, sexual violence and the displacement of millions has challenged geopolitical environments and prompted questions of how to respond to such emergencies.
Portugal approves euthanasia, physician-assisted suicide for terminally ill patients in spite of protests  00h51 21 février
Bradford Betz
Portuguese lawmakers voted Thursday to legalize euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide for terminally ill people amid protests outside the parliament building.
Brazilian senator shot during strike by military police  21h42 20 février
Bradford Betz
A Brazilian senator was shot Wednesday while trying to intervene in an illegal military police strike in the northeastern state of Ceara, video from the chaotic scene shows.
Food crisis in the Horn of Africa: What to know  20h12 20 février
Greg Norman
A locust infestation in the Horn of Africa is bringing about one of the worst food crises in the region in more than 70 years, officials have warned.