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U.S. Cruise Ship Passengers Flown Home, 14 Infected With Coronavirus  23h58 17 février
Hundreds of Americans who had been passengers on the Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan have landed in the U.S., including 14 people who tested positive for the virus and were allowed to join the evacuation operation at the last minute.
Turkey-Russia Standoff in Syria Endangers Millions of Refugees  21h50 17 février
Turkey dispatched a delegation to Moscow for another round of talks aimed at forging a cease-fire agreement in Syria, where relief agencies warn that proxy wars could cause the worst humanitarian disaster in the nine-year conflict.
EU to Step Up Naval Enforcement of Libya Arms Embargo  19h45 17 février
European Union foreign ministers agreed to revive a naval mission in the Mediterranean Sea to enforce the internationally backed arms embargo on Libya, a move likely to encounter stiff challenges given the recent arms buildup by regional powers in the North African country.
Pompeo Backs Anticorruption Steps by Angola  18h36 17 février
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo expressed support for the anticorruption stance and business-oriented agenda of Angolan President Joà o Lourenço.
Can Solar Power Compete With Coal? In India, It’s Gaining Ground  18h32 17 février
Electricity from sunlight costs less to generate in India than from coal, a sign the clean-energy source will play a big role as developing nations build out their power grids. A driving force: China’s plunging solar-panel prices.
Document Shows Chinese Officials’ Calculations in Xinjiang Campaign  16h00 17 février
A spreadsheet compiled by Chinese authorities responsible for tracking ethnic-minority Muslims catalogs detailed personal information including whether they regularly pray at a mosque, possess a passport or have friends or relatives in trouble with the law.