What are the rules for moving to France if you are not from the EU?  09h11 24 février
We all know that EU freedom of movement makes it much easier to travel, live, love and work in France, but what happens if you don’t have the golden ticket of a European passport? Well it’s still possible, but a lot more complicated for third country nationals.
French airline pilots strike - which flights are affected?  08h17 24 février
A strike called by French airline pilots in a dispute over pay and working conditions should cause little disruption, say airline bosses.
Coronavirus: France steps up epidemic preparations after deaths in Italy  07h14 24 février
After dozens of reported cases of coronavirus - and four deaths - in neighbouring Italy, French ministers on Sunday held an emergency meeting to step up preparations in France.
ANALYSIS: Will France’s Macron share the fate of Ireland’s Varadkar?  14h00 23 février
An impressive but arrogant young politician admired by Europhiles has been humbled by a populist tidal wave - despite his country’s successful economy, writes John Lichfield.
France: Macron casts doubt on end-2020 Brexit deal timeline  08h58 23 février
French President Emmanuel Macron on Saturday said he was not sure it would be possible for the European Union and Britain to reach a trade deal by the end of the year.
ANALYSIS: Does the Griveaux scandal mean it’s now open season on French politicians’ sex lives?  14h00 22 février
There was traditionally an unwritten rule in France that politicians’ sex lives were private, but a recent sex scandal hitting at the heart of President Emmanuel Macron’s party is the latest example of this changing.
Paris sets up emergency hotline to fight bed bugs  13h44 22 février
The French government launched a campaign Thursday, complete with emergency number, to combat an influx of unwelcome visitors that have left Parisians in despair: bedbugs that have settled in homes and hotels to feed uninvited on human blood.
France begins shutting down oldest nuclear plant  10h00 22 février
French state-owned energy giant EDF on Saturday began shutting down the country’s oldest nuclear power plant after 43 years in operation.
EXPLAINED: French tax - annual declaration rules and what if you’re not in the system?  09h00 22 février
It’s nearly everyone’s favourite time of the year - tax time But who needs to file a return in France, what do they need to declare and what if you haven’t been in the system until now? We asked French tax expert Alex Romaine for advice.
Fillon goes on trial in Paris for scandal that changed French politics  08h01 22 février
It was the scandal that turned the 2017 French presidential election on its head, sweeping away the favourite and allowing relative newcomer Emmanuel Macron to romp home.
French word of the day: Entarter  15h04 21 février
What do Jacques Chirac, Nicolas Sarkozy, Ségolène Royal, Alain Juppé all have in common? Hint: it tastes of custard.
Nine things to expect when renting an apartment in France  14h40 21 février
While sprawling stone houses - or even the odd chateau - are the norm in the French countryside, in the cities it’s all about apartments. But the French rental system may be very different to what you’re used to.
What you need to know about France’s most famous agriculture show  13h45 21 février
France’s most famous agriculture show features livestock, all kinds of seasonal produce and politicians - right in the heart of Paris. Here’s what you need to know about the Salon d’agriculture.
French pilots’ union announces five weeks of strike days in salary dispute  10h08 21 février
French airline pilots have called for five weeks of strike action starting on Monday, demanding increased salaries and better working conditions.
Anger at 945,000 price tag for 30 square metre Paris studio  08h00 21 février
A Paris studio apartment just 30 square metres has been put up for sale for close to 1 million, in the latest example of the capital’s out-of-control property prices.